Barcelona a place touched by the magic wand


Year after year Spain is consolidated as one of the tourist destinations par excellence. And, the figures indicate that more and more travelers choose to visit one or more cities in a country that stands out and is chosen fundamentally for its huge cultural offer, its magnificent beaches and its huge amount of hours sun, in addition to its rich, varied and healthy cuisine. And it cannot be mentioned that Spain holds the title of the healthiest country in the world this year, after undoing neighboring Italy.

Spain is unique, something that is clear to travelers as they spend their first day at the chosen tourist destination. However, there are numerous differences between the different parts of the national territory, making choosing one place very difficult for any of the millions of tourists who intend to know the country. However, and as they comment from Casa Lirio, “there are tourist destinations that always achieve record numbers, and among them is our city, Barcelona. It is not surprising that tourists opt for it, because in addition to having something that the majority seeks, the sun and the beach, it has a huge and fantastic cultural offer for all those who in addition to enjoying our coasts, want to soak up of the national culture ”.

And, there are always destinations that succeed more than others, in the case of the capital and its surroundings, or the islands that welcome millions of visitors every year. Nor can you leave aside the controversial cruise ships, which with their stops in the different Spanish cities disembark thousands of tourists to soak up in a matter of hours of a culture capable of captivating many of them, making before the territory Spanish is lost on the horizon, dream of enjoying again what they had to leave behind because of itinerary.

However, despite the fact that each and every corner of the Spanish nation is worthy of mention and almost a must, some seem to be more determined to be able to combine all those elements that make them deserving of At least one visit throughout the life of any mortal. "The City is one of those places touched by the magic wand" comment from Lily House.

But that a tourist takes a good memory of the chosen place depends on a huge number of factors, among which the place chosen to stay and the treatment received plays an important role. The combination of all these factors will result in a good or bad criticism, the recommendation or not of the establishment, and ultimately the reputation of business, society, the country in general and the city in particular.

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