Gelatin masks ✅ embellish the skin and rejuvenate ✅ Beauty

Looking for recipes homemade creams for facial wrinkles, we find the unflavored gelatin masks, it is a blessing for beauty; It brings health and rejuvenation in our body, inside and outside.

We already know the benefits of grenetina Later, if you prefer, we will see its use in the kitchen.

As we saw in another post, the unflavored gelatin is rich in collagen, which is what makes the skin look younger, gives elasticity, fills possible wrinkles, cleans impurities and improves blood circulation.
Gelatin skin masks

How to prepare masks with unflavored gelatin?

This precious ingredient, which taken improves bones, joints.

It contains a series of helps for the organism, now it comes to give us a hand in beauty, improving the appearance of the skin, we will use it in firmness masks.

1. To remove skin impurities and blackheads


  • A spoonful of gelatin
  • Fresh milk, warm, a spoonful


  • To the warm milk we add the grenetina and mix, we have a kind of cream that we apply to the skin of the face.
  • The paste becomes the skin, as time passes, in a kind of plastic that adheres to the face.
  • We waited about ten or fifteen minutes and removed by gently removing it.
  • When removing it, impurities also come, leaving a radiant and clean complexion.

Depending on the condition of the skin, we can do this process every two or three days, until it improves.

2. Reaffirming the face

We can do it at home or buy special products for each requirement.

Let's see how to do it.


  • Two tablespoons of grenetina
  • An egg white

How to do it and apply it

  • Beat well the grenetina with egg white.
  • We put the mask with a special brush for the effects, also, as it dries, it remains like a plastic layer.
  • After fifteen minutes, we gently removed and washed the face.
  • This treatment can be done once a week. It eliminates wrinkles and the skin is firm and beautiful.

Where to buy gelatin masks

  • You can get it in the stores where they sell beauty products.
  • In Amazon you find the Filler mask richtruttiva with hyaluronic acid and cheratina which is what I use.

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