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10 ideas of DIY sewing tables

In this post, we collected 10 ideas from DIY sewing tables for those who are thinking of setting up their own sewing station at home and need a little inspiration. If you also need to buy sewing supplies we leave you some interesting links where to find the best prices of sewing machines.

These sewing tables are unique craft spaces that provide a storage area for your sewing machine in a compartment or integrate it directly on the table.

In general, they have folding arms and rotating wheels for maneuverability of the furniture. Although there are more permanent tables designed for those who are dedicated to sewing.

10 ideas of DIY sewing tables

sewing desk

A sewing desk is a must for anyone who loves to create beautiful things with thread nylon, but buying a sewing table can be too expensive for the household budget. However, you can build a large sewing table with wood with a lot of work space to unleash all your creativity.

In addition, this desk has a large storage space for sewing tools thanks to the various shelves it has. It is advisable to build it with plywood for the upper part and use pine for the shelves. Another great thing about this sewing station is that there are two places for sidewalks at opposite ends of the table, so your children could also use it for their school projects or sew together with the parents.

sewing room

This large sewing table is a dream come true for any sewing enthusiast who wants to have his own sewing room. It has everything you need: a place for the sewing machine, sewing accessories and presser foot.

To create this piece of furniture, pine wood was used for the shelves and legs and birch for the desk. It is a project that requires some knowledge and skills in the work of wood, so you need knowledge and some free days to build it.

diy furniture for sewing

Buying sewing furniture is often impossible for those on a tight budget. But that does not mean you can not have a beautiful sewing table for your home.

With this DIY furniture you can use the sewing table as a cloth cutting table and there is enough space to store sewing items. In addition to this, there is a cut out place on the countertop for the sewing machine, ideal for working on any sewing project with ease. Just make sure that the height of the table matches yours or you may have difficulty reaching the sewing pedals.

recycled table for sewing desk

It is difficult to find a cheap sewing table that fits the space of your home. Instead of going shopping or calling a carpenter, there is a simpler solution: build a custom sewing machine table.

This project was done by adapting an old table that was no longer used to create a custom sewing station. The machine was adapted to the table and it was perfect for a sewing corner that seems made to measure and is very comfortable to work in all types of sewing.

multifunctional table for sewing

A large craft table is a perfect solution when you want something multifunctional for your home. If you remove the sewing machine, you can perfectly dedicate yourself to create other DIY projects or crafts in a comfortable and large space, with several shelves where you can store everything you need to exploit all your creativity and make for example these beautiful parkas man.

For this project the builder used solid pine wood and high quality plywood as materials. The whole project will take you a full weekend, but the finished table is worth it.

small sewing table

This design is again perfect for small spaces. The dimensions are adjusted to the space available at home and is a piece of furniture that is stored in a corner while it is not being used.

This small sewing table is built with MDF and has rubber wheels to avoid damaging the wooden floor when moving the table.
Instead of legs to hold the leaves of the table, you can use wooden supports that look better and allow more space while you work.

Double table dining and sewing function

This dining table has been modified to fulfill a double function: when it is not used for eating, you can spread all the materials of crafts on the table and underneath it is stored the sewing machine on the shelves of the center.

The table is made of pine and plywood, painted with this lovely blue color.

small sewing table

A small sewing table is a very useful piece of furniture for any home and it is even better if it does not take up much space, since you do not have to worry about how you are going to store it and you can move it around the rooms with ease.

If you have some knowledge of carpentry, you can build yourself this magnificent corner sewing table with expandable wings and spaces for sewing supplies. In this DIY project the birch was used as a construction material.

sewing table with colorful spread wings

This sewing table has colorful extension wings that add character and style and a beautiful white finish.

To build it, birch plywood was used as material, white paint with primer and hinges for the leaves. The cost of the project does not exceed 70 euros, and you do not need to have previous experience to build a sewing table like this one. Just remember that the legs need additional reinforcement if you plan to put the sewing machine on the table.

sewing table with easels

This oak sewing table is an excellent option if you are looking for something easy to build and have no previous experience in carpentry.

It is a simple trestle table with a long desk and a place to store sewing supplies. And the best thing is that you can find many applications for a table of this type in the house. Painting this standing sewing table will take more time than building it, so it is suitable for a weekend project and to create a simple, simple, easy to build but functional sewing space to sew anything you can think of .