Having fiber optics and a great mobile rate is NOT incompatible – Droid Panic

Are you one of those who think that having fiber at home is nonsense taking today's mobile rates? I will tell you that you are very wrong, especially if you are ‘heavy-user’ on the internet. Today it is true that we have mobile rates that seem unlimited, but sometimes this limit so far, we fall short, especially when we pull them to watch videos on YouTube or Netflix, for example. It is not necessary to say that in the market there are different fiber and mobile offers that make an indestructible and appetizing pack.

Today we go with the 4G in tow all the time. We have to have internet with everything. It has happened to me properly that I have needed on this Internet vacation when I have finished the "Gigas" I had hired. I have missed the fiber of the house a lot. There are many alternatives to choose from, such as Llamaya, where there are endless possibilities in terms of fiber and mobile.

We are aware that we increasingly consume more multimedia content online, whether from the mobile or from the Smart TV at home, where we are hooked to any type of series or movie platform (Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, soon Disney …) and all this requires an important internet connection. Even any smart home appliance, from a simple bulb to a refrigerator, through thermostats, speakers, etc. They need an internet connection to work, it is no longer properly alone, but it needs to work simply. Therefore, it never hurts to have different connection points. Now, if you have the immense and remote luck that a neighbor lends you your connection, it is another story, but I do not recommend it either, because if we connect a Google Home speaker or an Alexa, your data could run the risk of leaking, so it is Better that everyone has their own.

Fiber quality has been growing over the years. I still remember when the Fiber Optic was not symmetric. Yes, it was fast, but it didn't have half the signal quality that operators offer us today. Being able to upload any type of file in a matter of seconds is wonderful today. This encourages users to share more content of all kinds in a much more comfortable way than in previous years.


As for mobile phones, what about the 4G connection? It seems that it was yesterday when the 4G was implanted and we will be with the standardized 5G soon. This will bring only advantages. Faster yes, but with better quality too. We are already looking forward to seeing how cities connect to 5G to see their full potential when they become Smart Cities. This will make all the information we need available to everyone in no time. Yes, that happens today too, but it will be even faster. With 3G we also thought that and today when we see our coverage drops to that type of connection … we despair.

In short, both connections are fully compatible. Do not forget to look for the best alternative in offers and go for it.