How to organize a family move – Go from kids

I receive many messages asking how we made the move to Germany, which company we hired and it is time to collect everything in a post.

I put you in a situation, our apartment in Spain we had rented with furniture so in that aspect it was simple since we only had to move clothes, toys, books and other personal belongings.

However, in Germany we had rented a temporary apartment while we were looking for a home according to our needs and we still could not bring our things. We came with two bags, as if we were going on vacation and, once here, we bought some more clothes and some small toys for the children.

For this reason we found it very useful to hire a moving and storage service.

So we pack all our things and we leave them stored in a storage for two months, which is what it took to find a house. Then, we simply asked for everything to be brought to us and in a week it was here.

Moving prices depend, to a large extent, on where you want to move and everything you want to move. It is not the same to take the whole house with furniture and appliances, than 20 boxes as was our case.

My recommendation is that you make a comparison of moving prices to see the pros and cons of each company and succeed in the election.

What you should value is the great job that moving companies take away from you Since you have the option of hiring more services such as disassembling or assembling furniture, carefully package things, they even offer professional cleaning services.

A move is already very stressful, and things get complicated if there are children. In that case, all help is welcome and sometimes compensates to invest in a moving company to save you work and headaches.

move with children

That said, I will give you some tips They have helped us with our family moves and, before we came to Germany, we had moved home several times and we have enough experience.

Before the move

Organize a family reunion and, if they are old enough to understand it, discuss moving plans with your children. When possible, involve them in decision making.

Visit the new house with the little ones or show them photos to help them become familiar with their new home.

Tell the children stories about previous moves, especially funny anecdotes.

Try not to assume too many responsibilities and don't be afraid to ask friends and family for help.

Reassure your children about the change. If the move is going to be far, it is a good idea to hold a “see you soon” party to say goodbye to your friends.

Packaging and clearing

Moving home is a great opportunity to get rid of things we don't use. A good rule is that if you haven't used something during the last year, throw it away.

If you have to move furniture, it works for us to store the screws of each piece of furniture in small freezer bags and tape them to the piece of furniture in question or put a label to identify them later.

Store the objects in boxes by rooms or rooms and clearly mark the content on the 4 sides. This seems silly but if the letters are against the wall, you will have to move all the boxes to know the content.

Let the children decorate and write on the packaging boxes to indicate what is in them. It is a way to keep them entertained and make them participants.

If children are very young and hinder work, it is a good idea to hire a babysitter and do it while they sleep.

Tips for moving in family

Ask the children to store some of their favorite toys or stories in a backpack so that they can continue to enjoy them while moving.

Prepare a suitcase with what is necessary for a week. So you can go unpacking boxes and organizing things more calmly.

Have a separate box located with the first thing you may need when you arrive: sheets and towels, toilet paper, diapers and wipes if there is a baby and some personal hygiene items.

Moving Day

Change the chip and imagine that you are going on an excursion. Prepare a bag with snacks, water and some snacks either for the road or when you arrive at the new home.

Once in the new house, start assembling the children's room so that they can be placed and adapted as soon as possible.

Even if everything is upside down, try to keep your routines as much as possible, believe me, you will avoid crying and lollipops.

And if the situation overwhelms you, try to remain calm, remember this mess may only last a few days.

I hope these tips on how to organize a family move have helped you.