Emotional marketing, the great ally of car and motorcycle transport companies

Have you found a bargain car that is hundreds of kilometers away or even thousands of your city? What you surely do not know is that you have not come by chance to this offer since there is a team of specialists in different areas of advertising and data analysis, in order to offer a campaign studied in detail to suit your tastes , emotions and hobbies shown on networks, know that you have the need to hire a company from car transport.

A clear example of this is Clicktrans.es, whose operation is so simple that you only need to fill in a minimum of information to receive quotes and choose the one that interests you most. In addition, you can also get quotes when sending furniture, making removals, sending machines and equipment, pets, varied packages, you can also help us with the motorcycle transport

One of the most searched queries through the network is how to transport a car from one country to another and in this company they have been able to take advantage of it, capturing thanks to a large data analysis, the needs of each client at every precise moment of their life.

The truth is that this type of service is the order of the day, but, as the user does not always have the simplicity of a reliable and fast interface that allows him to perform this type of searches, we have prepared this article to try to solve some of the main doubts

How to transport a car or motorcycle in Europe? Options and cost

The most common is that the company that will be in charge of the transport divides the expenses based on a series of zones. In these areas a base rate, based on a series of kilometers. The rate can be very variable based on the vehicle we are talking about, but it can range between € 400 and € 900.

The characteristics of the vehicle to be moved must also be kept in mind: it will not cost the same to transport a vehicle classic car, that of a modern car, of a motorcycle, even of a full load on a truck.

The most advisable thing is to contact the company to make us a custom budget according to our needs. But you can't keep the first budget they give you, but you should compare before making a decision.

What should we rely on to choose a company specialized in the transport of vehicles?


You need the company to have a wide fleet of vehicles, of last generation, and that follow different routes to arrive at the destination as soon as possible (of course, always in maximum safety conditions).


At the same time, the company must already have its place in the sector, with a experience It extends for several years. This does not mean that a new company is not reliable, but it will not give us the same guarantees as one that is already established in the market.

Door to door service?

This service, although you can get a little more expensive, is completely recommended. It would be good if the service concluded with the collection and delivery of the vehicle at the place of destination indicated by the customer. In addition, the company must adapt to the date of delivery that has been stipulated.

National and European transport

Depending on the type of transport you are looking for, you will choose a company specialized in national or international transport (at the European level, even further).