Attorney General opened three investigations to generals for alleged acts of corruption in the Army


The Attorney General's Office opened three lines of disciplinary investigation against generals and officers of the National Army, for alleged acts of corruption related to the apparent demand or offer of money to finance travel, issue safe conduct or identify sources of information from the media . Likewise, the Office of the Attorney General shall exercise preferential power over any action that the General Inspection of the Army may take in relation to these events.

In the last days the control body received information in which high officials would commit to the alleged demand of money to subordinates for the apparent financing of family trips, to individuals and entrepreneurs for the issuance of laissez-passers, and supposed offers of millionaire prizes or extended licenses in exchange for the identities of the people who would be handing out audios and documents with information to the media.

The opening of the investigation shelters the generals Adelmo Fajardo, Second Commander of the Army; Eduardo QuirĂ³s, of the Counterintelligence Support Command; Jorge Horacio Romero, of the Integral Action Support Command, former commander of the Fourth Brigade. Likewise, it is investigated whether senior officers and colonels would have participated in acts of corruption to pressure promotions and appointments.

The office of the Procurator ordered the practice of several tests, among them the review of the procedure that the Army Inspection would have given to the complaints about the alleged demand of money by the officers, the transfer of evidence of the investigations that for these facts the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation advances and the review in the Personnel Command of the resumes of some officers.

The control entity seeks to verify the occurrence of allegedly irregular conducts, determine if they are constituting a disciplinary offense, and clarify the determining reasons for time, manner and place in which they could commit.

The investigated may request to be heard in free version.


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