Artificial foliage Ideal for creative decoration of houses and offices!


In recent years synthetic foliage has become increasingly fashionable, to the point that currently artificial foliage is considered by interior designers as the ideal solution for decorating homes and terraces, both for decorative reasons and for improving the privacy of homes in the eyes of people walking on the street. Today we want to show you on some examples of homes that integrate it perfectly.

decorative artificial foliage

In this exhibition, from the photograph above, we find how the combination of different artificial indoor plants and green walls can help create attractive colors full of life for those who inhabit them. Ideal for work centers but anyone would also put it at home. Is beautiful.

artificial foliage

Its use can also be applied outdoors perfectly as we can see in this integration in the form of a green wall in the gardens of the house, which give a comforting and elegant look to the rest of the room.

artificial synthetic foliage

In terraces in houses also plays a key role, as in this image above that we show you as an example, in which you can see how it can give greater vitality to reduced stays … if we can combine it with other plants and decorative elements of colors .

synthetic foliage

And returning to the exteriors, we already know that we have decorative solutions that applied in their basic mode in an installation along the wall are sober and simple, without being strident, but we can also do much more worked things with the insertion of several colors and forms on the walls, thus creating optical and design effects that are sure to impress everyone who has the privilege of visiting our garden at home.

artificial foliage

Did you like the effects and ideas? We hope so! To achieve these effects there is a wide variety of models and use cases, learn more here and choose the one that suits you best.

The main reasons why customers have just installed artificial foliage in a home in the words of store managers are:

Weather. You will forget about the workload of maintaining the garden's natural plants. With artificial foliage products this obligation disappears, since the necessary care is minimal and retains an excellent appearance throughout the year.

Wellbeing and comfort. The results after the installation of artificial foliage in homes are usually very satisfactory for the owners, and not only aesthetically or decoratively. They turn the surface in question into a place where you can relax and enjoy.

Money. The investment made when buying artificial foliage products will be amortized in a very short time. In just a few years you will benefit from a very significant saving. The amount of money you will stop spending on natural herbs and plants for your garden is impressive.

Security and fun. This type of products enjoys great resistance against erosion due to the passage of time from rain, sun or its normalized use, so you can be totally calm and enjoy it.

And why would you like to put a decorative solution of synthetic foliage in your house, villa or terrace? Leave your answer in the comments.

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