Argentina, a prominent destination for whale watching


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Peninsula Valdés within Argentina has been chosen as the best destination to enjoy whale watching throughout this year 2019.

There are different important sites for whale watching, an activity that is increasingly popular among tourists as it seeks to enjoy with the whales as close as possible to see their activity. One of the most demanded is for example Dominican Republic or Uruguay, although a ceremony has just been held in which the best destination for this year has been chosen.

In this sense, a ceremony has just been held in which great destinations competed for the whale watching as is the case in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay, in addition to the Valdés Peninsula in Argentina, the latter being the winner among all the competitors participating in this event.

The Valdés Peninsula It is located in the province of Chubut and is one of the reference destinations in South America to enjoy whale watching throughout the year, a place that more and more visitors usually go to.


It is important to keep in mind that to be able to carry out this activity in full nature you must travel to one of these areas from June to December, which is when the whales usually pass through these destinations in South America. In this way we can approach the southern right whales, which reach the Valdés Peninsula, a beautiful natural spectacle that is really worth it and can be an excellent excuse to travel to Argentina.

All visitors are offered the possibility of taking a beautiful boat trip to take to the indicated area from where you can see some of the great specimens of Whales in the zone. On the other hand, El Doradillo beach is excellent from which to see these great sea creatures, an excellent experience for adults and children and enjoy in a very special way the Vacation in Argentina.

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