Are you sure Mateu Alemany should continue in Valencia?


The last week of July has been convulsed in the capital of Turia. The Valencia project seemed to fade away like dominoes, after the impending departure of the sports director, Mateu Alemany. However, the fans put pressure on Mestalla's doors, Marcelino threatened to resign as coach and even the players closed ranks to preserve the project that has produced such good results in the last two years. There is agreement and will continue but… are you sure Mateu Alemany should continue in Valencia?

Valencia CF overcomes the serious crisis

Everything seemed that the Mestalla club lived a sweet moment: champions of the Copa del Rey two months before, qualified for the 2019-2020 Champions edition, good signings, all players available 1 month before the start of the league … There are to remember that the preseason of the previous year Marcelino did not have two of the four strikers, nor Guedes, Coquelin with problems … But this year they were left behind all those problems and the template had been made at 90%. But here came the reason for the discord between Peter Lim and Mateu Alemany: the signings that were still to be made. Marcelino pressed for signing 4 more players, when the template is apparently closed, or at most, it should be completed with 1 or 2 more signings, not 4. What happened?

This is the Valencia team before the crisis:

  • Goalie: Jasper Cillessen (Jaume Doménech)
  • Left side: José Luis Gayá (Save Ruiz)
  • Left center: Gabriel Paulista (Mouctar Diakhaby)
  • Right Central: Ezequiel Garay (Javi Jimenez)
  • Right side: Cristiano Piccini (Daniel Wass)
  • Defensive midfielders: Geoffrey Kondogbia (Francis Coquelin, Racic)
  • Offensive midfielder or organizer: Dani Parejo (Fran Villalba)
  • Inner left: Gonçalo Guedes (Denís Chéryshev and Lee Kang-in)
  • Right interior: Carlos Soler (Ferrán Torres and Jason)
  • Second front: Rodrigo Moreno (Manu Vallejo)
  • Forward center: Maxi Gómez (Kevin Gameiro, Rubén Nephew, Nacho Gil)

The players in red, are those who are intended to exit, so that to leave two players per position would require 4 signings. The problem is that neither Marcelino nor Alemany were afraid to sell them, since they do not count for the Asturian coach. But all of them are canteranos, with the exception of Sobrino, and an evolution of them is expected. Already the turning point occurred with Toni Lato, when Mateu decided to sell it instead of giving it up and Peter Lim had to intervene to break negotiations, renew the contract and transfer it. Thereafter, from Meriton, the work he did from Valencia was blocked, until he reached this crisis nightmare, where the sports project became endangered.

Are you sure Mateu Alemany should continue in Valencia?

Mateu Alemany was in charge of closing all the signings of Valencia, until a few weeks ago he was solely responsible. And Peter Lim proposed Jorge Mendes signings, such as Nicolás Otamendi, Nabil Fekir or Rafael Leão. Instead Alemany proposed Rafinha, Laguardia and other more experienced players. Then they began to block each other, since the line of signings was not agreed. Until President Anil Murthy arrived on July 29 with the order of Singapore to fire the sports director.

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Total crisis in Valencia

It was a chaotic week. Media outlets said Alemany's dismissal was a fact. Others that were postponed. But others, the most alarming, was that Marcelino left with the sports director and Pablo Longoria in front. It was not clear if it was Mateu who resigned or Lim who fired him. The fans harassed the social networks ensuring that if the sports project was broken we would return to the times of Gary Neville, Paco Ayestarán or even Ronald Koeman. The club owner could not break a booming sports project, after he already did it with Garcia Pitarch and company. But above all there was a unanimous voice in favor of Mateu Alemany, the manager of the club that had taken him out of terrifying years where the descent was touched, to place it as the fourth best club in Spain. And that they could not trust the signings of Jorge Mendes, because he brought such disastrous players as Nani, Negredo and Abdenour. But the great disaster Michy Batshuayi is not even remembered.

He had to face the president, Anil Murthy, he had to face and as a great public relations that is managed to redirect the situation. It would have been a total disaster for Mateu's dismissal to be confirmed because coach, players and fans were to death with him. It was his new idol, above Rodrigo, Parejo or even Marcelino himself. Never has a sports director been so loved in Valencia, he is at the level of Monchi in Seville. Finally there was a summit in Singapore, where Alemany and Lim reached an agreement. It is not known what conditions, but the sports project continues and that the signings that were blocked, will be confirmed shortly.

Now … Are you sure Mateu Alemany should continue in Valencia?

Having said all of the above, I wonder: Are you sure Mateu Alemany should continue in Valencia? I find it less than incomprehensible that people are so to death with the sports director, when at the same time they are in favor of giving more prominence to Lee Kang-in, Ferrán Torres, Manu Vallejo … Do you really support one of the parties unconditionally, despite carrying a totally contradictory message with the club quarry. The last signings were aimed at closing the doors to young people who come from being the best in the lower categories of their selections. Manu Vallejo and Ferrán Torres champions with Spain U19. Lee Kang-in elected best player in the U21 World Cup. Fran Villalba is a jewel in the rough. Do you really have to give them the value they deserve? Or does it support everything that God Alemany says even if it goes against the interests of the club? I personally think not.

Already the last signings were in that line. Jason covers the screening of Ferrán Torres. Cheryshev covers Lee Kang-in. Should we sign 4 more players to this template? I remember that they are the same as last year they entered the Champions League, they stayed at the gates of the final in the Europa League and won the King's Cup plus 2 better starting players and some reinforcements. Cillessen improves Neto and Maxi Gómez improves Santi Mina. There are also Jason and the young people who come shouting for a step. If this sports management continued, they would bring Rafinha, Laguardia, Dídac Vila and Willian José? All for another sporting situation to happen, as with Rubén Sobrino, who signed for two games. So … Are you sure Mateu Alemany should continue in Valencia? I hope that at least if everything goes on like this, young people will give in. But that money cannot be amortized and the New Mestalla is not finished yet. Follow the Valencia history.

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