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The wedding banquet is a very important part in any link and something that all the guests are waiting for, since it is time to taste special dishes that in their day to day are not present. If you want to get married in a unique setting in Barcelona because you like space, such as a private farm, a farmhouse, nail wineries or some cavas but, nevertheless, they do not have restaurant service, it is best to hire a service catering in Barcelona. Next we are going to talk about Catering l'Empordà, since they are specialists in this type of events and we are going to highlight what has most attracted us the attention of your service wedding banquet in the Masia Ribas, really a fairytale wedding.

Something special for the cocktail: vermutería

Catering in Barcelona

Being a catering in Barcelona, ​​although it also serves Girona, they have thought that the part of the cocktail can be special and have something of autochthonous. That's why in this wedding they prepared a vermutería with snacks served in tin cans that you can even serve with Espinalet sauce and a traditional vermouth of the place served in a large glass dispenser. They can not miss the siphon in your typical vintage container and the cones of potatoes. We think it's a very original idea and the table is a pleasure to see.

The original canapés

Cocktails usually serve varied canapés. If you want this point to be special, look at these Original canapes offered by Catering l'Empordà. It is also curious how to serve them: in skewers, in teaspoons, in little glasses… It is quite a sight to see them come out in their trays and plates, also very careful.

Kitchen in action

Catering in Barcelona fried eggs

If you want there to be a moment of kitchen in action or Live, and having a ham cutter right there you think is already a bit old fashioned, look at this curious idea: fried eggs instantly served on a bed of potatoes. Something natural and that everyone will be excited.

The banquet

Catering in Barcelona banquet table

Of course, the banquet is the center of the culinary action of catering, so it is also important that the table be very well decorated, both in cutlery, like in crockery, glassware Y table linen, without forgetting centerpiece flowers. This photo is a clear example of what a wedding banquet table has to be. A delight

The wedding cake

Catering in Barcelona pastel bodas

The catering can also take care of the wedding cake, so do not hesitate to ask it and, thus, you save a procedure or depend on another supplier for the cake. Look, for example, at this beautiful Forest-inspired wedding cake that reigns the table or candy bar, which we are going to talk about next.

The candy bar

Catering in Barcelona sweet table

It has become very fashionable that, apart from the cake, there is a table of sweets or a candy bar so that the guests go pecking during the dessert or during the dance. The catering contracted must also deal with that and offer all kinds of sweets, such as cookies, chocolates, fruit, ice cream… We make our mouth water just to see it.

What do you think of these ideas for wedding catering? Vermouth, canapés, live cooking, cake, candy table … Ask what you want and we are sure that Catering l'Empordà will fulfill your culinary desires inspired by the theme and decoration of the wedding.

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