Are there really white magic spells when we talk about witchcraft?


The web provides us with hundreds of links to sites where we find stories of witchcraft, black magic, white magic and all kinds of macias related to the future, the prediction of situations that have not yet occurred and even the faculty of sorcerers and magicians to guess or predict the future or even more extraordinary, the possibility of tangibly influencing the destiny and actions of other people.

On this last supernatural event there are two well defined variants known by popular belief; One of them is black magic, which is usually defined as "bad" or "negative" since its aim is, in theory, to cause or produce damage, discomfort or misfortune to the people to whom it is applied. This type of magic is known for having no moral limits since the important thing for those who practice it would be the end in itself and not the procedures used to achieve it or the intermediate results. In contrast to this type of magic we would find the antonym of black magic called "The White Magic".

There are those who believe that White Magic is not really magic but rather a byproduct of it. For scholars on the subject, white magic dates back to the middle ages and has been used since its origins and until today as a tool used for the benefit of people. Thus, for example, the ancient aborigines went to white magic wizards to ask them to perform white magic spells to make rain, for the benefit of the crops and therefore for the common good of families and peoples.

That said, white magic and black magic would be two types of the same thing, but opposed. Now, although both seem to pursue different purposes, we cannot ignore that both are also intimately linked in essence for the same purpose: to modify a reality that is not accepted by one or more people.

In that case, we could ensure that magic always comes from the same source. And as much as we put a color, magic is magic and its origin, whether supernatural or divine, makes it that extraordinary tool to modify and alter the destiny of people.

At present, many people who go to sorcerers or shamans believe that they will help them improve their living conditions. It is believed that these "blessings" obtained by this means are achieved through white rituals that do not harm anyone, but at this point a question arises that can be considered more a rationalization of the supernatural. If someone obtains a benefit, does that imply that another may be injured? – Indeed, if we return to the previous example of an aboriginal people who want rain for their crops. Suppose that a few kilometers from the town there is another population on the banks of a river that, when it rains, grows in such a way that it causes numerous damages to its inhabitants. In that case the rain conjured by the sorcerer of the previous town would produce the aforementioned collateral damage.

To think … White magic or black magic. "Both seem to be the face of the same coin." – used to obtain results contrary to those established by natural laws.

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