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Properties and uses of apple cider vinegar

Probably many people who read this blog regularly know of the incredible benefits and properties of apple cider vinegar, in various areas and uses, from cleanliness to health.

It is one of those products that we love, since it really serves everything, it is natural and can even be done at home, as we will also show in this article.

As for health, it serves to normalize blood pressure, thanks to the fact that it is a powerful alkalizing agent of the blood also works well to lose weight, for headaches, for digestive problems such as gastritis and indigestion.

It can also replace any rinse cream or hair conditioner, leaving it cleaner and brighter than any commercial toxin that comes in plastic cans.

Apple cider vinegar and apple cider vinegar are the same, the issue is that in some websites do not write their articles, but are limited to translate them from English and therefore the "apple cider vinegar", and which in English is called Apple cider vinegar.

Apple vinager

In fact cider and vinegar are the same, only in the cider fermentation stops before reaching the point of vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is, without a doubt, a wonderful natural product. It contains vitamins very necessary for health such as vitamin A, provides essential fatty acids and enzymes.

We can not forget that it also contains many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc or iron or silicon, among many others. Of the properties and benefits, we will highlight what apple cider vinegar and its main uses are for.

Apple cider vinegar diet to lose weight

The diet of apple cider vinegar to lose weight and improve our physical condition is based on the premise that this is a fantastic depurative. It is clear that it is not a magic potion to get fit, as these do not exist. What yes, if you are carrying out an improvement in your routine, in your diet and in your life, to lose weight you can benefit from the use of apple cider vinegar.

As we said, being a diuretic food helps us eliminate toxins stored in the body. In this way we will also eliminate the excess of liquids.

It also helps to regulate our metabolism, which favors the burning of accumulated fats.

The whole digestive system will benefit from the properties of apple cider vinegar, since it helps to improve the intestinal flora.

The diet of apple cider vinegar simply consists of consuming a large spoonful of it before each meal, at least half an hour before. This way it will help in the whole digestive process.

But it is important to accompany it with an improvement in food and mobility and sports habits.

Apple vinegar properties

Natural antibacterial

It is a natural antibacterial and serves to clean wounds, externally, but also helps prevent internal infections, such as those of the urinary system.

Apple cider vinegar for hair

Apple cider vinegar helps to have a silky and moisturized hair. You can use it as a natural conditioner, after washing your hair with shampoo, or with a spray. In the latter case, you add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for 750 cl of water in a sprayer, and apply it directly to the hair and scalp.

Apple vinegar for the skin

Apple cider vinegar is very used for the skin because of its properties, since it neutralizes the pH, cleans the bacteria and softens the hardness.

It is also used to cleanse the stains that over the years are coming out on the skin, especially to the elderly. For that we will apply it at night, thus allowing the product to act while we sleep.

Warts are reduced with the application of this product directly on them, and for sunburn, etc. you also see great benefits.

How to make apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar for that serves

How to make apple cider vinegar

Why do it at home, in addition to economic is to do well. Most of those that we can buy in stores like supermarkets contain sulfites, like wines, something extremely unnecessary that is added so that it does not have turbidity and looks homogeneous. In addition, this addition works as a preservative, although it should be stressed that at the expense of the health of some, for example of people with asthma, who often see the symptoms of their illness aggravated by these sulfites.

The other reason is because I live in an area where there are many apple trees and many of the fruits end up rotting on the ground. So better to make vinegar. If we do not have apple trees, there are two ways to solve it. The first is to plant one, as it is a tree that is very easy to care for and gives wonderful fruits. The second is buying apples, preferably of ecological origin. In case of not being organic we will have wax to make it look shiny and several pesticides in the fruit.

How to make vinegar


5 liters of mineral water (since the tap has chlorine and fluorine) can also be rainwater or a spring.

1 kilo and a half of red apples.

1 kilo of brown sugar


There are many ways to make vinegar, I chose this because it is simple and fast. I hope you like it and serve it.

We wash the apples very well, what I do is fill the sink with lukewarm water, I add half a cup of baking soda and I submerge the apples, I leave them a couple of minutes and add a good squirt of vinegar. Then I rinse them under the stream of water and that's it, cleaner than impossible.

Once cleaned we cut them into small pieces and we will use them with seeds and skin. Of course, we can remove the ends. We mix them with sugar and crush everything.

Then we can use a plastic bucket but ideally a glass demijohn (a large glass bottle) or a large glass jar. Place the five liters of water and add the puree, cover the mouth of the demijohn or the container that we use with gauze, so that it breathes but that can not enter flies or other bugs.

The first ten days, stir with a wooden spoon or gently shake the demijohn or glass pot once a day.

Then we revolve every other day, that is to say every other day, during the next 10 days.

We let rest the next 10 days.

In 30 days we will have vinegar, ready to strain and pack. It is important to keep in mind that you can continue fermenting, so you do not have to fill the bottle until the top, but you have to leave a little air. It has to be controlled, especially the first days, and leave it open or open once a day, otherwise it could burst and make a spill that you can not see.

Cider vinegar
Vinegar harvest 2015 of apples brought from ChiloƩ.

Important note

The times can vary according to the apples, the ambient temperature and others, once finished and filtered we measure the pH with a litmus paper (paper to measure ph is in pharmacies or in online stores like eBay). The ph of apple cider vinegar should be close to 3.

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