Analysis of the sad farewell of Kemba Walker the Hornets to the Celtics


¿You can treat a superstar like Kemba Walker worse? The truth is that it is complicated. Even more after the fidelity and affection that the player professed towards the franchise.

Not a single complaint for having a terrifyingly bad team, poorly structured, with little future, and suffering in an incredible way to not even reach the Playoffs. He was always faithful, even saying that the salary would be lowered in order to be more competitive. But patience has a limit.

Michel Jordan has been wrong in managing the Hornets project

What kind of owner can think of not giving all his money to a guy like Kemba Walker? Obviously, to Michael Jordan. And this was precisely the final tip that Charlotte needed to finish running out of project: that his star leaves completely free to a team from the same conference.

It may sound cruel, but they have looked for it. Why the amount of absurd and overpaid contracts signed by the Hornets is crazy. Batum, Biyombo, Kidd-Gilchrist, Zeller, Williams … not that the team did not have salary flexibility, is that none of those players should charge more than 10 million in any universe.

Charlotte Hornets contracts signed by Michael Jordan

Contracts Charlotte Hornets (without Kemba Walker)

A project should never be built for a good one-off year for a player. If in addition this good performance arrives in the previous season to sign a new contract … it is time to suspect what may be happening. The Hornets have erred at all times when it was possible to fail: the selection of free agents and the subsequent signing of contracts.

But, even with these gigantic contracts and nothing consistent with the performance of the players, the worst mistake was yet to come: affirm openly not wanting to pay luxury tax because the equipment is very expensive. At another time it is also a mistake, since to be competitive almost certainly you must pay. But doing it when the franchise faces the renovation of Walker, the most important player in its history … is a shot in the foot.

Kemba Walker deserves a bright future at the Boston Celtics

At this point the situation has come: free agency has not been opened and Kemba is heading to Boston to sign a 141 × 4 contract at 18:00, opening time of free agency in NY. The player needed a change of air like eating, but, above all, get to a serious project that proposes to compete and not salary nonsense.

Player and franchise marry perfectly, and so will accompany the young and a not so new Hayward (provided it is not pierced) in the fight for the conference this. They are not favorites, a role to which Stevens is more than accustomed, and in the absence of reinforcing the internal rotation, Danny Ainge has avoided the disaster that was expected. Not bad after the outings of Irving and Horford.

On the other hand, if there was an "ideal" replacement for Irving it was none other than Walker. Beyond the talent you have, you can relive the spirit of Isaiah Thomas and be a much loved base in the city. Beyond the similarity of his game, his head is much more furnished, and he comes admiring the young nucleus, as well as wanting to give prominence, something that in Charlotte was unthinkable. Only the fact of downloading in attack will mean seeing a more efficient star.

And lastly, it will not be too difficult to improve the relationship with the team fan-base. If the relationship with Irving had been normal, it would surely be a very large gap. But the already ex-Celtics leaves more bad things than good after his step, and Kemba Walker has the opportunity to be the new great figure of Boston. You should only avoid out of tune statements and animated statements.

What future awaits Charlotte Hornets without Kemba Walker?

One very dark. The thing does not promise, because the reconstruction is going to have to be very deep and long. The directive has not proved to be too efficient or intelligent so far, and nothing points to it being similar to the Brooklyn Nets. If the franchise was not well, now it is confirmed that they will be in the lowest of the NBA at least two seasons.

The Hornets they do not have any promising young players, beyond Malik Monk and Miles Bridges. These two are also not names on which to build a franchise, so his next goal is clear: the top-3 of the next Draft. To be able, the number 1 if this is a player capable of changing the face of the franchise. If you go over 20 wins with the current template would be a tremendous success.

Kemba walker leaves Charlotte Hornets and signs for Boston Celtics

On the other hand, they should look at the Cavaliers or the aforementioned Nets to see how to focus their reconstruction: try to absorb toxic contracts to obtain youth or rounds of Draft that allow them to gamble for that name that can explode and be more important than it seems. It is not a guarantee of anything, but they must assume that their status as a small market will not allow them anything else.

The Hornets have done everything wrong with Kemba Walker and now they are going to pay. When a player of this caliber comes to your franchise you should only be given a competitive project. They did just the opposite, Kemba felt very mistreated, and now the crossing through the desert will not be easy.

In the worst scenario, there will always be the Seattle Supersonics.

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