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I've been wearing comfortable sea shoes for a week. These are shoes from the Amazfit brand, a subsidiary of Xiaomi. It seems that Xiaomi wants to cover all kinds of market. On this occasion, these shoes have a couple of special things that I will say later. I have obtained them through the Banggood online store at a very sweet price of 53.46 euros.

However, there is a discount coupon that leaves them for much less:



The best thing about these shoes is that their sole is from the well-known brand of Goodyear tires and it shows. Apart from the fact that they are very comfortable, the tread is very stable, important for those who would like to use them for exercise. Eye, they are not prepared to do intensive exercise, but to perform any light activity.


Another highlight is that they can track what we are doing. For this, we need to get the exclusive Mijia chip, also from Xiaomi, which fits perfectly in the gaps enabled for such use.

Its price is 17.82 euros which, using the coupon that I provide, stays more or less in half:


These shoes are available in 3 colors: black, orange and gray. For every taste. In this case, mine are gray and I have to say that it is a color that goes unnoticed.

I have to say that I have taken them almost all summer, even on a trip to Japan, doing 18KM routes a day and without feeling just fatigue in the feet, only the logical thing for someone who is not too accustomed to exercise. In fact, they have endured a lot of work without hardly having a drop of aesthetic wear or sole, something that I really liked. It seems that Goodyear's sole has done its job and will give me a second chance after the summer.


These are the most interesting and recommended shoes that, despite not being a regular brand, it is seen that two large firms have done a very fine job.

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