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Small and medium-sized Spanish companies are gradually becoming more professional and aware of the importance of minimizing some dangers and risks. For example let's put the acompany cars. RC insurance is in this case like private policies, that is, if a worker causes an accident with the company vehicle, your business is responsible and must pay damages to third parties, according to what you have hired. When you look at different policies, you make sure that you have covered travel assistance from kilometer zero, so that they do not leave you lying anywhere, in the event that tourism breaks down. They are examples, but in all cases you can imagine the insurance civil liability is essential if you do not want to ruin before an unforeseen event that your company has to respond to third parties.

Civil liability – corporate civil responsibility

Companies can be sued at any time and for multiple reasons: damage due to poor products, poor service or for causing damage to the property of another person or another company.


In certain policies this coverage is included as a part of the civil liability. It can be hired separately. Although they are not required by law, more than ninety percent of the agreements require the employer to take out insurance in favor of their employees that cover death and disability.


In the same way that we ensure our personal residence, there are certain insurances that protect the offices in case they are damaged by fire, robbery or any other catastrophe. In general, this insurance not only covers the structure, but also the content. Inventory, machinery, computers and any other precise element. CAs a rule, liability insurance covers each and every possible situation except those that are particularly excluded.

Corporate civil liability insurance for SMEs

RC INSURANCE: Among the services most demanded by companies
RC INSURANCE: Among the services most demanded by companies

There are expert insurance companies in the market in small and medium enterprises and others that, despite not being so, show good possibilities at very competitive costs.

Basic company liability insurance coverage – what is a company's liability insurance

The basic coverage must include atmospheric phenomena, water damage, electrical or electronic failures, smoke, vandalism, car crash or the impact of other objects and things such as the expense of transporting resources, missing objects in accidents, or Good firefighting expenses.

Insurance for the administration of the user's portfolio

This type of insurance allows the employer to hire an intercessor to facilitate the treatment with his clients and with his distributors.

Group insurance

This type of insurance covers the needs of its workers in the event of death or temporary or permanent disability.

Collective accident insurance

Unlike the life insurance provided by the companies, collective work accident insurance protects employees in the event of an accident or loss of any kind. It can be in the workplace, home, or in another situation. The primary benefit offered by this kind of policy is that the insured capital is not harmed, is not unattachable and the expense of the premium that the employer cancels can be attributed as an expense for tax purposes.

an adapted treatment in your insurance

From a bar to a factory, the peculiarities of each company deserve an adapted treatment in your insurance. For this reason there is company insurance and from there, coverage to coverage, you can design an insurance product for companies that is the adjusted and demanded. Se is the insurance that is addressed to SMEs in which some kind of material transformation is made or goods are stored and distributed.

It is an insurance in which the material damages to the building and / or to the furniture, to the machinery and to the merchandise derived from multiple circumstances are covered and that are covered in the same contract: the fire, the explosion, the damages by water and the theft, among many others.

The professional RC derives from the legal term of Civil Responsibility, which is based on article nineteen two of the Civil Code, which states that The one who by action or omission causes harm to another, intervening fault or negligence has the obligation to fix the damage caused. In the Portal for companies and freelancers Doiser we find the most demanded services by new companies and freelancers. Those preferred by companies in these first 4 months of 2019 are:

  • online agencies
  • Web-page design
  • trademark registration

Mandatory services

  • rgpd or data protection
  • prevention of occupational hazards
  • liability insurance
  • tools to control workers' schedules

Doiser, portal for companies and freelancers – doiser gestoria

They have more than 100,000 users and it offers everything in an easy way, with trusted suppliers and exclusive offers.

Who is the professional liability insurance aimed at?

Among many others, those professionals who belong to the field of construction. And to lawyers, judges, social graduates, bankruptcy administrators, experts, doctors, computer companies, photographers, and so on. There are many professional activities susceptible to professional RC.

Why hire professional RC insurance?

The reality is that, currently, many professionals are aware of the need to be protected in relation to their civil liability. ORn Civil Liability insurance not only represents a guarantee for the professionals themselves, it is also an indicator of clarity and helps to convey security to clients.

Autonomous Civil Liability Insurance – autonomous rc insurance

Spanish entrepreneurs are essential for the state economy and it is enough to take a look at the latest report of the European statistical agency, Eurostat, to realize that self-employed workers in Spain begin to have an important role in the economy. ANDl Civil Liability insurance accounts for four to four percent of the total Non-Life Insurance.

Companies are exposed to unforeseeable dangers, such as unintentionally causing property damage and personal injury to third parties, such as proving lawsuits that can financially and legally affect the business. It is for this reason that having the protection of the Civil Liability Insurance is essential.


Faced with a situation of misfortune that is difficult to control, it is essential to have professional civil liability insurance that protects us, granting us legal assistance and economic coverage.

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