Alternative destinations to meet in Cuba during the holidays


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Cuba offers us a series of alternative destinations to the popular ones to make the most of the trip and get to know new cities as a couple or as a family,

In Cuba Many tourists usually go to the classic destinations such as Havana, although there are other alternative places equally exciting and attractive where visitors will be able to know the good gastronomy, its cultural proposals, discover history, among many other attractions to consider.

Baracoa It is a place that not many tourists know, although in recent years the number of visitors has been increasing thanks to the natural areas it houses, such as the mountains of Cuchillos del Toa, as well as places where you can practice sports and activities outdoor. The high quality hotels with all kinds of services also attract the attention of travelers.

It is also recommended to have time to enjoy places like Massacres, a very interesting Cuban destination where for example we can discover the culture through its theaters, cultural activities, dance and music, in addition to traditional dances, so that you can make a trip as complete and suggestive as possible.


Undoubtedly, Santiago de Cuba is a very interesting option, a very attractive destination to enjoy, for example, the first rum factory It was built in Cuba, in addition to the good traditional food offered at the premises. Walking some of its streets you can discover part of the history, closely linked to the revolution.

It is interesting to keep in mind Holguin as a very interesting alternative destination to meet. There is a wide variety of water sports that can be carried out as the snorkel, diving, swimming, in addition to horseback riding or cycling. Take a tour of its ancient streets and discover its traditional squares, it is part of the charm of knowing this suggestive city of Cuba in the next vacation.

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