All the keys to choose the best mattress


Being rest something fundamental in people's lives, it is important that we learn to perform the most suitable mattress choice.

To select the best mattress from the multiple options available in the market, it is necessary to take into consideration issues such as firmness, core, sleeper weight and many other details. In addition, it is necessary to consider the price of the mattress.

Next, we will show you all keys that will help you choose the best mattress For your daily rest.


It is necessary to assess this aspect from different points of view. Each person has different needs related to the mattress firmness. Those who suffer from constant pain in the lower back may prefer to rest on a hard mattress. If you know what your needs are, you can make the choice more easily.

mattress firmness

As a general rule, a mattress with medium firmness is suitable for almost all people, which allows the back to have sufficient support and thus rest.


All the materials They have particular characteristics that make them more suitable for a certain type of person. Latex has become the favorite in recent years, because it is a material that offers the ability to adapt to the shape of the body and reduce the pressure exerted on shoulders, head and hip.

Other materials, such as viscoelastic, are special for people suffering from joint problems, because of its memory effect it adapts to the silhouette in a natural way.

In the case of cores, steel springs are often used and Viscografeno, the latter being much more efficient and resistant to wear. They become ideal when two people share the bed, since they prevent the movement of one person from transferring to the other and disturbing their rest.


The technology applied to the development of mattresses has allowed different combinations of materials and fabrics with interesting qualities to be created. Some fabrics have the ability to regulate body temperature while others possess antibacterial, antimicrobial effects or are able to eliminate mites that usually accumulate in textiles.

Number of people who will use it and their weight

The weight of the people who will use the mattress is essential to choose the firmness of the mattress. For individuals weighing more than 100 kg, a firm mattress is ideal, otherwise you will suffer from discomfort during rest.

bed mattres

Something similar happens when the bed is shared as a couple. In this case, firm mattresses with springs that distribute the movement will be the most appropriate, in addition to being recommended a material capable of regulating body temperature.


The price It is one of the most delicate issues in the choice of mattress. In general, high quality mattresses, in terms of their structure, manufacturing process and combination of materials, tend to be more expensive given the significant investment in research and development behind the brand. But the choice will always be marked by the available budget, although it should be remembered that the purchase of a suitable mattress is a great investment in health and well-being.

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