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The world of professional makeup is constantly evolving and, every year, we can see new incorporations of products and innovations in the technique that achieve increasingly real and beneficial results for our skin. Like every season, the main cosmetic brands bring to light all their reports to let us know a little more about what will take this year in terms of makeup, what improvements we can see in the products or how they will be combined with their great ally, the fashion.

In recent years we have seen how makeup went from being something exaggerated and willing to show its maximum exponent to become a simpler complement thanks to which we can improve our features, without being recharged. This trend seems to remain in force for several more years since, right now, what is fashionable is to be as natural as possible. For this reason, makeups are increasingly successful fresh, which stand out for the use of subtle glitters and tones very consistent with our skin color.

For all this, in today's post we wanted to bring you a very important update to tell you what direction the makeup will take in this fall winter 2019 season. So, you can apply all our tricks on trends in cosmetics and look beautiful on any occasion.

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The black eyeliner has returned

After several years and seasons giving prominence to the eyelids full of colors and with different shapes, the king of eye makeup products returns in its most classic form: the black eyeliner. This classic that almost all of us resist applying perfectly is back in our routines to, it seems, stay for a good time.

Taking a little time to delineate our eye, we will have a simple resource and that will give a rebellious and marked touch to our looks. Undoubtedly, a whole trend, especially for evening or party makeup.

Makeup No-Makeup

In simple words, go makeup but without looking like it. This trend is already an old acquaintance that, in recent years, has conquered thousands of women, from red carpets to catwalks. With this trend, what is sought is to achieve a very natural makeup, with which we improve our face, but without it seems that we are doing makeup. This makeup is usually based on the use of a very subtle makeup base, shades of eyeshadows very similar to our skin tone and a bit of mascara. Small subtle changes that will make us shine but that will respect our most personal essence. This trend will be Ideal for day to day, from going to the office to going out for drinks with family or friends.

The brightness will be the protagonist

For some time now all types of brightness and illuminators in the form of makeup are pure trend. Highlighters in cream and powder, glitter eyeshadows and all kinds of shine for both the face and the body have flooded our makeup cases and will continue to do so during this season.

In this sense, make-up with bright colors, finishes with illuminator on the cheekbones or eyeshadows with golden and white tones with glitter will triumph. The highlighter will be your best ally so much when you don't wear makeup and you want to mark the light bulbs as to more marked evening makeup.

Forget contouring

Exaggerated and ultra-marked makeup will not be a reference this season. Very hand in hand with the trend of makeup no-makeup, this fall winter we will have discrete color palettes in earth tones. In this sense, to contour the facial features it will be much better to choose to use bronzing powders and some blush or blush

With a little base, powders and blusher we will have the perfect face for any occasion without marking the makeup with an exaggerated contouring. This trend is perfect for let our skin rest and still take her perfect in any occasion: from a dinner to a casual drink.

Metallic shadows

Metallic tones, especially in the form of eyeshadow will be the protagonists of the party looks throughout the autumn winter season. Especially for the Christmas season will take a lot of dark colors such as black or blue, as well as the most vivid colors such as gold, silver and copper, all in metallic finish.

With a well-marked eyeliner, a couple of layers of mascara and a good eye makeup with metallic tones we will have the perfect combination for any special occasion that lies ahead. Without a doubt, this will be the star trend in the New Year's Eve and Kings, as well as for Company dinners

Red tones for the lips

And how could it be otherwise, another classic that will never cease to be a trend for the autumn winter season this year is the red lipsticks. From the darkest ones like brown or earth tones to the most daring for an evening make-up like cherry or passion tones. Anyway, the red lipsticks will accompany you in any occasion, since they will serve to give an extra touch to our look in a Christmas dinner or in any other A little more formal departure.

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