Advantages of the hydromassage columns


Recently we have proceeded to change the bathtub by shower, also acquiring one of the best models in hydromassage columns. We arrive on a tiring day at work and take a comforting shower. In addition: we have a somewhat sore body, so we decided to activate the spine and orient the jets of water so that we can have a good massage on our back.
This is the main advantage of this type of shower so if you are looking for an option to replace your bathtub, this could be the most appropriate option.

What advantages do the “whirlpools have?

Applying water jets with great power on some areas of our skin contributes to the better circulation of the bloodstream. In addition, it can also help us to treat certain problems derived from blood circulation such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, cold feet …; that is, they help us improve our health and quality of life.
They are also recommended for some skin problems such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.

On the other hand, the simple fact of getting into one of these hydromassage cabins makes us relax, forget about all our problems and feel like the jets are massaging our backs. Experts recommend that the perfect temperature for massages should range between 33 and 38 degrees Celsius.

They help reduce our stress level. It is proven that a hydromassage given in one of the most common shower cubicles helps reduce our stress by a very important percentage; In addition, it is convenient to give one when we are faced with some kind of complicated situation or problem since we can think more clearly.

Conventional bathtubs also offer very good whirlpools but have the disadvantage that we need to fill it for it. This entails an expense of money and a waste of time that sometimes we do not have. If we are very given to this type of massage, the best we can do is replace our shower when before to incorporate in our toilet a great hydromassage cabin.

So you already have the perfect excuse to “change the bathtub for a shower”: not only for the benefits it can bring to your body, but also for its ease of use and the aesthetic touch of distinction that it can bring to your bathroom .

If you want to give yourself a good massage, you know what you have to change in your bathroom.

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