Advantages of installing a home hydromassage cabin


From health benefits and aesthetic reasons, the steam showers They have become an element of pleasure and relaxation for the whole family.

Professional brand models have a power capable of producing steam at a temperature of 45ºC, ideal to enjoy its positive effects for the body.

Sauna and home spa

In search of greater relaxation in the bathroom itself, the shower cubicles are ideal for using whirlpool therapy and feel rested after an arduous day of work. In turn, they give a touch of elegance and sophistication to the decoration.

With state-of-the-art steam technology, users enjoy the benefits of temperature at 45 ° C such as opening of the airways, detoxification of the skin, regulation of blood pressure and psychological effects such as lowering levels of stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Users who have a busy work schedule that does not allow them to drive to a professional spa center, in the comfort of their apartment or home, have the option of installing their own sauna in the bathroom, where to arrive and de-stress after an arduous journey.

Sauna and home spa

When the person enters the steam shower, he feels the perspiration experience It eliminates toxins from the skin and increases your blood circulation to regenerate cells. In turn, vasodilation relieves muscle tensions and the effects of stress on the body.

Some people use oils or aromatic creams to open the pathways of the bronchi and lungs. This greatly improves your breathing.

It should be noted that hypertensive or heart disease patients should consult their doctor beforehand if it is advisable for them to take sessions of whirlpool and steam baths in the spa.

When choosing the ideal shower, there are models on the market for different surfaces and with technical accessories that complement the spa experience and help create a comfort environment, such as its interior light, overhead shower, heavy rain effect, aromatherapy and WiFi connection.

Hydromassage showers, the latest avant-garde in design

When reforming the bathroom room, the hydromassage showers they provide a functional and aesthetic value because they create the environment of a hygienic, relaxing and safe sauna.

As for the choice of style, this depends on the personality and taste of the user. The latest trend includes simple and minimalist lines, with white, black and transparent colors, which provide an avant-garde touch.

Regarding the color palette, interior designers recommend applying three shades of colors and use the softest as the most predominant. Of course, remember that it is a place where silence and calm are sought, so colors like white, beige, yellow and pale pink They are the most recommended.

In the online catalogs there is a wide choice of devices such as those of Atlantic Pleasure Its model 1 is a steam cabin, totally safe and reliable, made of fiberglass, ABS, chromed glass and aluminum accessories.

Is able to generate 2800 W steam and it has an LCD touch screen to regulate the temperature and the extra functions of radio, fan, MP3, chromotherapy and even alarm.

It is specially designed for measures 900 x 900 x 1940 mm Easy installation in the bathroom, which becomes one of the favorite spaces of maximum comfort.

In turn, the shower of the brand Black water It incorporates the thermostatic function with 4-way inverter, whose flow can be controlled with the help of steam diffusers, manufactured with quality materials. Its steam bath provides a pleasant atmosphere of 45º centigrade. Its faucet is chrome plated and the entire system complies with the ISO 9000 Standard, certified by the CE.

Maximum relaxation

There is also the hydromassage shower model Milos 100 x 100, with infrared technology, which works optimally with its shower, steam bath and sauna functions. With his ideal temperature of 45º C, steam cleanses the epidermis of dead cells and impurities from the environment.

The manufacturers of this facility recommend its use in the processes of recovery of physical injuries and of pains like cramps. It is special for cases of allergies, congestion and stress.

Produces 3KW steam With overload safety, it works with 6 infrared radiators and 8 massage jets. Supports individual temperature control knob and USB port To connect external devices.

This season of home renovation, you can consider installing a steam shower to take advantage of the steam benefits for physical and mental health and give beauty and sophistication to intimate spaces.

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