Advantages of Google Hotel Ads


Advantages of Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads It is a platform whose objective is to reach users looking for rooms or hotels on the internet. Offers different hotel possibilities, shows user ratings and availability of dates, so you can compare prices and choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. In addition, it allows you to book without leaving the platform itself.

What is Google Hotel Ads?

The Google Hotel Ads ads connect users who search the internet about hotel rooms with their reservation platforms. In turn, Google Hotel Ads allows the user that he can apply different filters at the time of making your search: price, ratings, dates, hotel class … Without a doubt, This greatly facilitates user search, allowing it to find what you are looking for in a faster and more direct way.

For example, When the user searches on Google: “hotels in Barcelona”, Google Hotel Ads will show you a map with the different hotels in Barcelona, ​​comparing the prices of all of them. In addition, the user when clicking on the one that most interests him, will be able to see all the information about it: photos, schedules, facilities


If you are a hotel and you are thinking of advertising on this platform, the advantage What you will get are:

  • Increase traffic to your reservation system
  • Increase the visibility of your hotel on the Google page. It will appear in the first positions when the user performs his search. It will not be as before, that the first results were paid
  • Reduction of fees on reservations

How does it work

Google Hotel Ads is based on data feeds, which contain information about the rooms. The bids guide us on the money you must pay for users to reach your booking pages.

Data feeds must be updated daily. They are the following:

  • Availability and price of the rooms
  • Accommodations that you want to advertise, detailing the location, user ratings and contact information
  • Points of sale by country and device

Later Google will verify the veracity of all this information.

Types of bids

There are two bid options: Bid individually for each accommodation or bid for a group of properties.

Manual bid strategies:

  • Max CPC (fixed): Maximum cost you are willing to pay for each click
  • Max CPX (percentage): It will be bid for a% of the room price

Smart bid strategies:

  • CPA or pay per conversion
  • ROAS: It helps you manage the return on investment you want to get with Google Hotel Ads ads.
  • Commission


  • Google Hotel Ads already represents the 65% of hotel reservations
  • 150% growth
  • 900% return on investment
  • Cancellation rate of only 13%, compared to 20% -40% of the other platforms
  • 40% of reservations they are made through mobile devices

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