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Addiction is a disorder that occurs in the person and that disrupts their life. It has a biological, psychological but also social affectation, and almost always the first social consequences are appreciated on the family of the person with addiction.

Addiction, as we have already described in this publication previously, does not respond only to substance addiction. Although it is true that in a traditional way a person with addictive disorder has been understood as the one who consumed some substance such as alcohol, cocaine, cannabis or heroin, among others, the Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual for years that recognized that there are other types of behaviors, such as gambling, which can cause addiction; An addiction without substance.

More recently, addiction professionals talk about other behavioral addictions, not yet recognized in the Manual cited above, which is the guide on which they are based. Some of these addictions that are discussed are: addiction to new technologies, addiction to sex, addiction to shopping and even addiction to work or food. All of them respond to a pattern of repeated behavior that is increasing and that becomes uncontrollable even when looking to control that behavior.

Rarely is it the person with addiction who looks for and goes to an addiction center to rehabilitate because the first characteristic feature that usually appears is denial (it is not recognized that there is a problem). It is usually the family, that tired of the situation at home and of relationship with the person with addictive disorder, takes the step of seeking help. On some occasions it is the family alone who goes to a center for guidance and, in others, they have been able to convince the patient to go with them. In any case, at present, we can rely on new technologies to find all types of centers and see which one best suits the needs of the patient.

The Directory of Addiction and Detoxification Treatment Centers is an online directory in which all the detoxification and addiction treatment centers in Spain are collected. They can be found from residential centers to outpatient and professionals, as well as associations and foundations.

This online space has advisors who advise on how to take the first steps towards rehabilitation. The information is very important to be able to choose the best addiction treatment program in any corner of the Spanish geography.

But it is that, in addition, the addiction sometimes appears comorbid with some mental disorder, this is known as psychiatric comorbidity or dual pathology (Dual Pathology Article). In this case, an even more specialized treatment is needed with professionals who can treat both the addictive and mental disorders. In this directory you can also provide guidance on these specific cases.

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