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The rise of the Internet has meant an opening to customer experience. Although they can already decide how, when and where to acquire and consume goods and services, a new priority has been opened for companies: how to reach these potential customers on the Internet and achieve your brand loyalty.

Although at first glance it seems as easy as creating a website and waiting for customers to rain, every day the complexities involved in the online marketing as long as Google finds the content friendly and allows viewing.

What is the use of having the best product and the most visual website if you do not have the optimal means to reach your target audiences. Programmatic advertising works on this idea and today you will understand what it is and why you are interested in entrusting the optimization of your online project to authentic professionals in the sector such as Adbibo Technologies, who have been making their clients' goals come true for 5 years.

What is programmatic advertising?

It is the set of technologies and techniques so that advertisers only attract their target audience. That is, the use of technology to expedite and automate the purchase of advertising space, using data from target users.

Each time someone clicks on an ad link, a cookie is hosted on your computer, thus obtaining information about your Internet behavior. From this portfolio of information about potential clients, a real-time bid is made between advertisers and media, mediated by a Ad Exchange.

The Ad Exchange works as a shaker that segments and distributes, so that the brand reaches the right user based on its behavior on the Internet. This purchase model combined with a strategy of marketing performance It shows the most relevant information for each user based on their demographic data.

Based on this, the programmatic advertising It plays two fundamental roles:

  • Is a effective method to reach a specific audience.
  • It leads the user through a discovery process and brand consideration until you reach the decision phase.

If it seems a complex job a priori, it is even more, since it is a field that continues to be explored to this day. It is known that the entire spectrum of digital media can be purchased programmatically, in other words, which is essential for the marketing strategy of any online project, but an ordinary person does not have the necessary means to carry out the necessary optimizations.

Even 360 agencies hire external suppliers to optimize their campaigns, so a smaller brand is even more interested in hiring these services. Why? Because these providers have own technologies to unify the information of DSPs, which a person without the necessary knowledge is not able to do.

Still, many companies specializing in online marketing are unaware of this arduous sector, with few truly having multidisciplinary teams that achieve effective and real results. For this reason, and given that all the means that are destined to improve the quality of a brand make extremely important investments, trust the digital marketing leaders It is just a safe bet.

Why is Adbibo Technologies synonymous with success?

Founded in 2014, Adbibo has dedicated itself to technology development for digital marketing, proposing to advertisers and agencies, tools for the automation and optimization of their purchase of advertising in social and programmatic media.

After joining the Italian group in 2018 Next14, European leader in Marketing Technologies, Adbibo has integrated programmatic and group purchase solutions, which allows it to offer a 360 solution for the purchase of digital advertising unique in the market.

But what exactly does Adbibo Technologies do?

To understand it, you have to familiarize yourself, first of all, with the concept Trading Desk, which is neither more nor less than the human part in the programmatic buying process.

The Trading Desk is a group of experts in programmatic advertising, which works as a link between advertisers and the advertising spaces available, by handling information from multiple DSPs in the Ad Exchange. The ultimate goal is to optimize your clients' campaigns.

For this, they have, as they said at the beginning of this article, with their own technology to unify the information coming from the different DSPs with which they work and optimize, thus, the offer of their clients or advertisers. Their media They are as follows:

Paid Social Media Optimization

Adbibo plans, executes and optimizes your campaigns on the main platforms of Social media Whatever your goal or format.

By offering you constant advice in conjunction with your own tools, they will achieve optimize your results expected and get improvement insights for your future campaigns.

Programmatic Trading desk

Select the DSPs closest to your goals to optimize the purchase of online advertising in all formats and channels. Also, locate the target audiences to increase the effectiveness of campaigns, undoubtedly improving the value of your ROI.

Transform your data into insights

Thanks to their DMP, Audience Lab, they are able to collect activatable data and generate advanced user profiles and audience segments that guarantee most effective campaigns.

Not only that

Adbibo integrates different solutions for programmatic, consulting, on and off data activation, proximity marketing and geolocation, content or advertising on Amazon, thus offering a 360º service for the purchase of digital advertising unique in the market.

Quality, effectiveness and cutting-edge technology are the keys to success that you have been looking for for some time. If you need to optimize your campaigns and develop a custom marketing strategyDo not hesitate, Adbibo Technologies is your trusted company.

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