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Welcome my dear readers to a new article by Ruiz Prieto Asesores. On this occasion we bring as guest Ana López, Director of the Marketing and Communication Department of the Fonvirtual company. She brings us a reflection on the new telecommunications technology for companies; specifically the possibilities offered by the new virtual telephone switchboard compared to traditional switchboards. I hope you enjoy your reflection.

The new telecommunications technology

The road to digitalization has made its way in virtually every sector we know. In addition, the roots towards new business models tending to increasingly groundbreaking changes, cast doubt on the viability of a large part of traditional businesses, directing multiple sectors towards a new era of technological transition.

The virtual switchboard: a new telecommunications technology to manage your business phone calls
The virtual switchboard: a new telecommunications technology to manage your business phone calls

If we take a look at the telecommunications sector, special mention is required due to its complexity compared to other more basic groups. The changes in which it has been involved since its inception, are now more marked than ever by the digitization of traditional telecommunication systems.

Going further into telecommunications for Business or self-employed, the most common systems to handle incoming, outgoing, and even between departments calls were physical switchboards, which required a high cost in equipment and installation, without showing the efficiency that the digital era has brought.

On the other hand, this new stage has highlighted many communicative schemes with disruptive character, bringing unity and simplicity to the telecommunications system used by workers. It's about the call virtual switchboard.

Reasons why an autonomous should shuffle if the virtual switchboard is interested

Starting from the precept that in certain situations, either by lack of personnel, schedule or date, it is impossible to cover the entire call flow that a company receives, establishing a system whose characteristics are capable of coping with rapid and efficient call management may be the solution for those who experience this type of problem.

The idea is born of a software It can be installed on any device, be it a physical, portable, mobile or tablet computer. In this way, ubiquity is created, allowing any worker to answer calls regardless of where they are.

On the other hand, the system has ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) technology. Intelligently, This technology allows the distribution of calls based on the abilities of each agent and the origin of the call.

In sum, another characteristic that differentiates this system from traditional switchboards is the possibility of receive statistics. In this way, you can know the performance of each agent and the company as a whole. It is a very suitable tool to make concrete decisions. For example, if the calls remain queued for an average time that is too high that causes the customer to desist from the call, these statistics can show the data to be evaluated that reflect the need to hire several more agents, introduce waiting locutions of a type in concrete, etc.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, these systems make use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, allowing voice to travel over the internet. This is the main difference of the virtual switchboards with respect to the traditional switchboard systems, since the necessary requirement to establish the connection is the Internet. Thus, the hiring of additional telephone lines for business is avoided. Google, recently, has developed the latest advancement of this technology, WebRTC, the progress of VoIP technology.

Cloud technology

They have also implemented the use of Cloud technology, storing calls in the cloud. Some of its utilities are the transcription of calls, participation to three or live chat. Multifunctionality, as you can see, is one of the main attributes of this type of systems.

In addition, these are services that, as we saw at the beginning, transcend beyond the physical customer service switchboards. More and more companies of any size manage this type of system. Being automated, they allow adaptability to the host user of the service. In addition, they provide personalization of call management. It is this flexibility, another of the main features that redefines the concept of switchboard towards digitalization.

Conclusions on the new virtual switchboard and the cloud system

In short, as in similar and totally different sectors, technology has broken with the traditional structure in which it was framed. It is necessary to point out that, the digitization it doesn't show as a threat, but as an ultimatum to adhere to, or on the contrary, be bound to fail, because there are too many precedents that corroborate that there are few alternatives if the business is intended to be maintained in the long term.

The main reason
is that technology, in its constant expansion, one of the aims it pursues
It is the unification of certain tools. The examples make clear evidence
of this, among others, the number of functions that can be carried out with
A single Google account. Similarly, the world of telecommunications
is not far behind in it, the platforms that facilitate coworking
communicative in multiple spaces or efficient management systems of
Calls are only the beginning of what this sector intends to cover.

By last,
obeying the digital transition lines is nothing more than a measure
implement progress, move to safety and break with the
monotony, the last chance to reinvent on the foundations of a
consolidated business.

Ana Lopez

Ana López, Director of the Marketing and Communication Department of the Fonvirtual company. Specialized in digital marketing and electronic commerce. I often intervene in other blogs and carry out consulting activities for large groups. You can follow me on LinkedIn.


The virtual switchboard: a new telecommunications technology to manage your business phone calls

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The virtual switchboard: a new telecommunications technology to manage your business phone calls


Are you autonomous and cannot properly manage all your calls? Now there are software that allow the management of your calls (virtual switchboard). Discover its advantages.


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