A band that was stealing in downtown Manizales fell


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The Metropolitan Police of Manizales dismantled a criminal group that affected the economic heritage of citizens in the center of Manizales in the "tickling" mode.

In coordination with the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, the criminal investigation section executed the operation called "Magical II" in response to complaints and the clamor of citizens, tourists and merchants who were mobilizing in the city center, some victims of the imperceptible theft, known as the "tingling."

For the crime of concert to commit crimes and aggravated theft, the National Police makes available five women and a man who made up the band. In the operation, four raids were carried out in the San José and Ciudadela del Norte communes, capturing all the members with a judicial order, mostly recurring in the crime of theft, led by women with a large criminal record. Three of them by 2016 had been captured in an operation against theft.

The modality used by the captured was almost imperceptible, 18 months of investigation led investigators to gather important evidence to argue together with the prosecution, how in a coordinated manner and with different roles, they were grouped together to extract the victims' wallets and cell phones without raising suspicion. With telephone interceptions it was known that they traveled to municipalities of Caldas and other cities when there were festivities.

The uniformed followed the criminals in the city center for several days and at different times. Simultaneously, the CCTV security camera operator recorded the moments in which the belongings were removed. The investigators evidenced a criminal pattern, they especially chose victims who walk alone, the leader marked it with signs indicating to the other members. It took them only a few seconds to synchronize their roles and tricks used to get the victim's attention while they removed their belongings with their hands.

According to the investigations, some of these people have been committing crimes together for more than 10 years, for this operation the Police have 11 complaints of 2017, 2018 and 2019, for theft in the “Tickling” modality committed in race 18 to 23, between streets 18 and 33, Alfonso López Park and Gallery.

Recurring criminals

– "Ana" is the leader, has 22 entries for the crime of theft. One for narcotics and concert to commit crime. He also reports three convictions. His role was to mark and extract elements.

– “La zarca”, has 15 entries for the crime of theft, 2 for attack on public servants, 1 for narcotics, 1 for concert to commit crimes and personal injuries. In addition two convictions. His role was to mark and extract elements.

– "Lorena" has 8 entries for theft, 1 for concert to commit crimes, one for reception and drug trafficking and three convictions. His role was to download.

– "Johana" has 1 score for theft and another for narcotics. His role was to download.

– "Angela", has 15 entries for theft and 1 for the crime of drug trafficking and traffic. Two convictions are reported

– "Ribillas" has 13 entries for theft, 1 for illegally carrying firearms, one for favoring, 3 convictions. He currently has house arrest for qualified and aggravated theft. His role was to mark and support his accomplices.

Tickling band

Band fell that was dedicated to steal in tickle mode in the center of #Manizales. www.bcnoticias.com.co

Posted by BC News on Thursday, September 5, 2019

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