7 tips to make your lips look thicker


Nowadays, with so many advances in the use of makeup or beauty products, having an imperfection or something that you do not like is almost impossible.

You can cover imperfections with makeup or highlight parts of your body that you like more with the same makeup. Thus having small lips does not mean a problem. You do not have to spend money on surgeries or botox applications or anything like that. You just have to follow these tips and advice that we offer here to look thicker and stunning lips at all times.

1. Hydrate your lips


The first thing to keep in mind is that if you do not keep your lips hydrated they will not look good, as they tend to crack and lose shine when they do not have the correct hydration. A good balm before applying any lipstick can help you keep your lips hydrated.

2. Good delineated

This can help your lips to look thicker. Delineating the contour of your lips a few more millimeters outside the line will make them look much thicker and more pronounced.

3. Active balms


There are a series of lipsticks that have a menthol effect that make your lips swell a little and therefore look much more pronounced. You can try many brands and colors, like the pink shades that have Nu Skin. This is another good option to have thick lips.

4. Contour on the lips

"ContourThe outline or contouring as best you know, it is also applicable to the lips. Using illuminator on the upper lip will help you to enhance this part more, as also using some dark outline for the hollow of the lower lip helps you to have more depth. It’s a matter of playing around with makeup.

5. Brightness – Gloss

Apply a shine or gloss Lipstick will also help your lips look much more pronounced. Create the illusion of greater hydration and much more brightness therefore will make them look thicker.

6. Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliate your lips regularly, once or twice a week, can help keep your lips much healthier, less dry, since you remove dead skin. Of course, having healthier and less dry lips will make them look much more pronounced.

7. Apply base on your lips


This trick is very useful at the time of makeup, since by applying base you make your lips have a single tone and therefore the lipsticks will be enhanced much more and thus they will look much thicker.

You see that you do not need surgery or anything for style. Now that you know these different tips and advice you can start applying them and start wearing pronounced lips.

In the same way, always remember that our body is never bad or ugly, it is imperfect and that is what really makes us unique in the world. As you can see, there are many things we can do to feel good about ourselves.

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