66 activities to do with children on summer vacations


66 activities to do with children during the holidays

Children need vacations to disconnect from nursery and school, but also to relax.

Boredom is important and healthy for children because it encourages creativity, but at some point during the holidays we will ask ourselves: What can we do today? Often, the simplest activities are the ones that entertain you the longest, however, they don't occur to us. That's why I created a list of 66 activities to do with children during the summer holidays.

Some proposals are suitable for sunny days, others for rainy days and for others the weather is indifferent.

66 activities to do with children on summer vacations

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66 activities to do with children on summer vacations

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You can download the sheet to print at the end of the post

  1. Go on a picnic or we can even have a picnic on the terrace or garden
  2. Go feed the ducks
  3. Observe the landing and takeoff of the airplanes at the airport
  4. Soak with a hose or a watering can
  5. Take a train ride
  6. Visit a city
  7. Go out for ice cream.
  8. Organize a water war
  9. Watch a movie at an outdoor cinema
  10. Visit the zoo
  11. Go to a water park
  12. Go find beautiful stones
  13. Paint stones
  14. Go find forest treasures
  15. Collect flowers and dry them to make a point of book, greeting card or whatever you can think of
  16. A walk through the countryside
  17. Build a tree house
  18. Lake Getaway
  19. Go to excursion
  20. Build a garden lantern
  21. Make your own jam
  22. Wash the family car
  23. Go fishing
  24. Make homemade ice cream
  25. Build boats and make them navigate in a container with water
  26. Go to the library, it's probably cool
  27. Climb trees
  28. Toast Marshmallows
  29. Paint with finger paint
  30. Visit a second hand market
  31. Put your own position in the market
  32. Collect shells on the beach
  33. Decorate a photo frame with shells
  34. Play miniature golf
  35. Build a castle in the garden with sun loungers and towels
  36. Make soap bubbles
  37. Go camping or camping in the garden
  38. Organize a summer Olympic Games with sack races, carrying a glass of water on your head …
  39. Paint on the outside with chalks
  40. Soak in the garden sprinklers
  41. Play Frisbee
  42. See a sunset
  43. Experience a sunrise
  44. Take a bike ride
  45. Organize a family game night
  46. Bake a sponge cake
  47. Create images with handprints
  48. Visit a farm
  49. Go to a new park
  50. Visit a castle
  51. Build an obstacle course
  52. Leave nice messages to the neighbors with chalk on the sidewalk
  53. Do experiments
  54. Build a hotel for earwigs
  55. Hide a treasure and leave clues for your search
  56. Build a river in the garden
  57. Make smoothies
  58. Explore flowers, beetles, trees, … from your garden or surroundings
  59. Build stilts with empty cans
  60. Try yoga for kids
  61. Collect sticks, stones, moss to build a small magic garden in a pot.
  62. Learn to knit with your fingers
  63. Build a bird fountain
  64. Observe stars at night
  65. Tell stories at night abroad
  66. Make Chinese shadows at night with the help of a flashlight

You can download the list of 66 activities for summer vacations for free HERE.

I will be publishing some of the activities that we are doing and I will add the links to this list.

It would be great if you left me other suggestions in the comments!

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