653,726 people presented the State Tests throughout the country


With the participation of 653,726 citizens, the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education – Icfes, applied in full normal the tests Know 11 calendar A, Pre Know and Validation of the Academic Baccalaureate. Of the total cited (672,496), 97.2% attended the test.

“The application was developed in total normality in the 1,618 sites installed by the Entity in 487 municipalities of the 32 departments of the country and Bogotá. This year we increased the number of application points by 66, ”said the Director General of Icfes, María Figueroa.

Likewise, he highlighted the receptivity that the Ethical Commitment initiative had for Colombians: “99.9% of the attendees accepted this statement that seeks to promote values ​​such as honesty and transparency among those who are going to present State Tests. An invitation from Icfes to commit to its future, ”said the Official.

However, 20 cases were presented for use of items not allowed and five for possible fraud during the test. The cases were recorded in Bogotá (8), Cúcuta (2), Becerril (Cesar 2), Barranquilla, Cajicá, Chinú (Córdoba), San José de Albán (Nariño), Popayán, Chiquinquirá, Bello, La Dorada, Zipaquirá, Garagoa (Boyacá), Funza, Ipiales and Soacha. All cases are under investigation and confirmation could lead to sanctions ranging from the cancellation of the exam to sanctions of one to five years without being able to present the evidence.

5,345 people with disabilities registered to present these tests with all the guarantees. They were able to register in 12 different categories according to their condition and had adequate classrooms and the necessary support staff for the development of the exam. Of this group of people, 23 presented it on their disability housing site or in a health center because of their health conditions.

This Monday, August 12, the Icfes will apply the tests to a group of persons deprived of liberty in 102 detention centers in 70 cities in the country, including: Bogotá, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cali, Cartagena, Cúcuta, Ibagué, Manizales, Medellín, Montería, Pasto, Popayán, Tunja and Valledupar.

The results of the three tests will be published on the Icfes website www.icfes.gov.co. On Saturday, October 19, those of Saber 11 calendar A will be delivered and on October 26 those of the Pre-Know and Validation of Academic Baccalaureate tests.

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