6,400 people work in the Call Center in Manizales


As a proposal of the councilors Simón Ramírez Álzate and Luis Gonzalo Valencia González in the Council of Manizales, the role played by the Call Centers in the city was debated, for which the Secretary of Tics and Competitiveness, Secretary of Government, Office of the Prosecutor was invited General de la Nación – Caldas Section, Chamber of Commerce of Manizales for Caldas, Metropolitan Police of Manizales and the call centers Emergia, People Contact, Digitex and Global in House, who gave first hand knowledge of the current situation of these companies in the city ​​in terms of employment, job stability and the formality of their operation.

Initially, the proposed councilor Luis Gonzalo Valencia Gonzalez mentioned the responsibility of these organizations with the Municipality, also questioned the unemployment figures since 2013 to date which, according to the councilman, is close to 8000 jobs.

"Between the State and the private company there must be a good alliance for the strengthening of these entities, as well as the vigilance that the Chamber of Commerce performs to them," concluded Valencia González. Finally, he highlighted what the state security agencies say, where they clarify that in Manizales there are no investigations into computer crimes or fraud related to call centers.

For his part, Councilman Simón Ramírez Alzate, acknowledged that call centers are an important source of employment in the city; however, they work illegally in the city and the crimes that can be carried out from there are of care. In addition, he took the opportunity to mention the low investment of the Municipal Administration in issues of employment generation and companies.

From the Chamber of Commerce of Manizales for Caldas, its Executive President, Lina María Ramírez Londoño, socialized the growth in formal employment and companies, through 21 call centers that are formally constituted in the city; In addition, he highlighted the linkage of personnel in the call center where there were reduced charges in 2,332 people, from 8,565 in 2018 to 6,242 to April 2019.

Manizales is the city with the highest proportion of workers in activities related to Call Centers, where out of a total of 181,951 citizens employed between January and May of 2019, 3.43% is related to that sector.

Councilman Julián Eliécer Fonseca Arias, reiterated his concern for the construction of the Technology Park in the Municipality, highlighted the potential of the city in technology and communication.

Additionally, councilor Víctor Hugo Cortés Carrillo, spoke about the background of the call centers and showed nonconformity for the management that gave previous administrations to People Contact and made a call to the Mayor of Manizales to strengthen the efforts of the ICT Secretariat and Competitiveness and the hiring management that occurs in People Contact.

"The call centers continue contributing to the reduction of unemployment in the city, which means that approximately 6 thousand 400 people perform this work, this being a lower number than other validity, because previous administrations took these businesses to the company private Also, when making an assessment against the information provided by the Chamber of Commerce and the Secretariat of ICT and Competitiveness we can see that we lack a little more business strategy, which allows us to open the market to the call center that generates more employment ", Councilman Cortés Carrillo finished.

Finally, the councilors César Augusto Díaz Zapata, Rubén Darío Giraldo Sepúlveda and Diego Fernando Espinosa Benjumea stressed the importance of the proper functioning of call centers as the main generators of employment in the city, as well as influencing the economy of the country. They also appreciated the presence of these companies in the Campus to share the news of this important sector.

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