6 tips from Alquilovers to save on heating this winter


6 tips from Alquilovers to save on heating this winter

With winter the cold arrives irremediably and what we most want is to be in our warm houses, but maintaining the ideal temperature can be very expensive, especially if we are not careful with some details that are essential.

A study by the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE) confirms that the main energy expenditure in a home is heating, which usually accounts for half of all consumption. How can we reduce this consumption?

From the real estate platform Alquilovers they are aware of the energy expenditure in our homes, for this they present us with a series of tips that will help us to use the heating efficiently during the winter.

In addition, these recommendations of Alquilovers can help us to be more responsible with the environment, saving energy and lowering the cost we pay for gas / electricity service.

  1. Maintain a constant temperature. To raise the temperature a lot when arriving at our houses is not a good option, since the rises of temperature produce a greater expense. The advisable thing is to maintain a constant temperature (between 18 and 21 degrees) in the house. Programmable thermostats can help you maintain a stable temperature saving between 8 and 13%.
  2. Determine the areas of the house. It is important to know which spaces in the house need heating and which do not. For example, in the kitchen it is not necessary to use heating since the appliances transmit heat, or in rooms that are not inhabited.
  3. Isolation of windows and walls. Normally, heat leaks from homes come from walls, windows and ceilings. Putting insulation inside the whole house would mean a reduction of up to 15% of our heating consumption. In the case of windows you can use double-glazed windows that usually lose much less heat than a normal window.
  4. Fifteen minute ventilation As we have mentioned in the previous point, it is important that the accumulated heat of our homes does not escape through the windows. For ventilation of the home in winter it is sufficient to open the windows fifteen minutes to renew the accumulated air and avoid the charged environment. The best time to do it is around noon, since they are the hours when the temperature is highest.
  5. Do not cover the radiators. It is a very common habit in winter, the days when it rains or it is very cold in which the clothes do not dry outside, it is customary to cover the radiators or stoves with clothes for a faster drying. But this habit affects our expense in the gas bill, if you put the wet clothes on top of the radiators a good temperature will be difficult in the areas of the house.
  6. Change the boiler for a more efficient one. If the boiler has many years or it produces a very high expense, it is time to change it for another low consumption. It can cause a large investment at the moment, but in the long term the expense will be amortized.

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