6 large-size pieces you need for summer


It's July and summer is a fact; After months of talking about the perfect outfit for the season, I find it necessary to add these Big size pieces you need for summer, so you look fabulous.

From the comfortable flowing dresses for work to the best high waist shorts to wear on the weekend and the concerts this summer.

Big size pieces you need for summer

Comfortable dress

Your summer wardrobe should be practically built around the dresses. You do not have to find matching pants, and your legs are free all day. What could be better? Combine them with a pair of sandals and a bandolier for a day of shopping with the girls or with heels for a night in the city with your partner.

High waist shorts

The shorts season used to stress me, but I tell you: with a little confidence and more appropriate options, you could not be happier to take off your shorts every season. The high-waisted shorts are the best (In fact, do you still sell low-rise shorts? Honestly, I hope you do not).

Button shirts

We are obsessed with button shirts this season. Therefore, I could not pass up the opportunity to share some of our favorite plus sizes too. It combines perfectly with tus high waisted shorts or white jeans for a completely white look. You can even tie them like a cape over a dress for a casual atmosphere when it's too hot for your denim jacket.

Linen pants

The linen clothes It is a casual, soft and windy fabric that does not make me feel sweat in places that really should not feel that way, do you understand? Whether you're opting for a lightweight jogger for the weekend or something a little more sophisticated for the job, these will replace all your heavy pants for the next few months.

Graphic shirt

A nice graphic shirt can be orsadto with shorts, jeans, midi skirts, whatever. Personally, I think you can use a graphic shirt the same way you would use a white one. Just pay attention to the color palette, and I would say that using one of these is as good as gold.

A little neckline

Teaching a little does not hurt anyone. Everyone needs that slightly elegant T-shirt that makes them feel sexy and trusttos when they spend a night in the city. You can use the perfect top to go out with all your jeans and can be easily customized according to your mood. Trying to find an outfit for that wedding in September? How about one of these tops? All you have to do is add a pair of gold rings, a red lipstick and for all, girl! You will be the owner of summer thanks to these large size pieces that you need for the summer.

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