5G: will not reach small populations until 2021


The deployment of 5G could be slower than we think

A few weeks ago we gave a very interesting news that gave us the hope of being able to reach the 5G sooner than we thought And is that Vodafone launched the well-known network in our country. Although at the moment with limited coverage and only in the largest cities in Spain. In any case, the first tests confirmed that we are facing the future of telecommunications. Would that coverage reach other cities sooner than expected? We thought so.

To know if 5G will arrive in other cities in Spain sooner or later we have to take a look at the current situation. One of the key points is, for example, in the 700 MHz band release. To this we must add the use of the 5G SA standard. And finally, and not least, also we have to have 5G compatible mobile devices. A series of essential steps to enjoy the new telecommunications network.

To all the comments we have to add a fact that has been a bit surprised. And, according to the head of the program of the National Conservatory 5G, network deployment will not leave large cities before 2021. Federico Ruiz has talked about it, and has confirmed that there are many steps left to take.

The deployment will be done step by step


What is clear is that, in Spain and to implement 5G successfully, there are still many pending tasks. It will be launched, but it is still necessary work to have the necessary infrastructure in place and, above all, so that users have compatible devices.

It is curious that Vodafone has already launched it but that, in the opposite direction, neither Movistar nor Orange have spoken about it. Basically they are waiting until everything is ready for a correct launch and in conditions in which everything will work well. In addition, it is essential that the final spectrum is available in order for the devices to be put on sale to take advantage of it.

From the 5G Observatory they have stated that users, With 5G, you will notice many advantages in aspects such as data traffic speed, access to multimedia content, and connections with much lower latency than we have seen so far in mobile networks. A change that certainly seems very promising.

Definitely, you have to work in several ways. On the one hand, in the release and start-up of the frequencies that will finally be used for 5G. When these are running, it will only be necessary to start up the necessary infrastructure and, of course, compatible devices that take advantage of them. It is expected that all these tasks may be completed by 2021, although there is no doubt that we will see quite interesting advances.

While 5G is launched, the best idea will be further improve 4G coverage.

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