5 tips to communicate better with your subscribers


We have already written some articles on email marketing tools for associations and NGOs but we have not talked specifically about how to use these applications to improve communications with readers. Given its importance to retain them, we believe it is appropriate to leave 5 tips to improve that communication.

Subscriber Segmentation

It is something that not all magazines, blogs and newspapers implement in the subscription forms, but it is very important to achieve loyalty. To achieve this it is important use smart forms and create distribution lists by categories. In this way, a reader can subscribe only to the topics that interest him: culture, science, arts, training …

This will also cause Don't be bombarded with too many Newsletter, one of the main reasons why subscriptions are canceled.

Shipment Automation

This aspect has to do with the optimization of the time of the administrator of the database and of the shipments. We have already mentioned the first part of this automation: it is the segmented subscription. The second is the application capacity of publish an article and automatically send it to readers who subscribed to the text category.

This aspect can save a very important time that can be devoted to other things.

Usability of the Newsletter messages

The fact that almost 60% of users in the world connect to the Internet via mobile It gives an idea of ​​how important it is that the templates for the newsletter messages are adapted to mobile devices and tablets. To do this, again, you have to choose the right tool and perform some tests before starting with the shipments to verify that the messages are visible on each device.

Many Email Marketing administrators even investigate which devices users use to visit a website (you can know through Google Analytics) to make sure they view the Newsletter well.

The fact of that a user sees a badly mailed Newsletter is usually the main reason to unsubscribe.

The statistics aspect

Another very important topic to make a good Email Marketing has to do with the analysis of the metrics of sending and user response. This analysis has two aspects:

  1. Metrics on the subscriber's reaction to the sending of a Newsletter. This includes analyzing message open rate, clicks on links, message forwarding and other interactions.
  2. Metrics derived from the Landing Page. They come from subscribers who have clicked on a link and usually end up in an LP. From there it is important to analyze user behavior through Analytics to know what the subscriber has done next: acquire an eBook, visit another page, recommend it, etc.

Include broadcast buttons on social networks?

This is an interesting aspect when it comes to achieving maximum interaction and dissemination of a Newsletter. Why? It may happen that there are readers and readers, who are still interested in the content of the message, do not have time to read it and serve only the summary of it. If you find it interesting, this can lead to recommend the Newsletter itself (which is still a web URL) in your social networks.

This technique is used by many organizations such as Greenpeace or Amnesty International that, in fact, highlight the text "Share" because they know about the dissemination that can be obtained through this strategy.



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