5 Tips for choosing good WooCommerce template for an ecommerce


Of templates I want to talk in this post. In particular how to choose one to set up an online store with the plugin WooCommerce and WordPress. For this, I take as a source https://www.javierbalcazar.com/mejores-plantillas-woocommerce/. In this page you can expand the information that I summarize in this post and take a look at the Top 10 in WooCommerce template.

For my part, I start with the main tips to choose the right template.

Factor 1: Make it responsive

Every day it is more common for users to buy through their mobile and its tablets. They trust in the security of their devices and it is more comfortable for them. Therefore, that the WooCommerce template is totally mobile-friendly is very important. In addition, in the case of the sale of products, the template must allow to see in detail the articles regardless of the device. This animated image is an example of what you should look for in a WooCommerce template:

Responsive Woocommerce Template

As you can see, the flexibility of the layout The body of the page changes according to the size of the screen of the device (Desktop, tablet or mobile) but always the products are displayed clearly.

Before choosing the template, try on all the devices how the articles are displayed.

Factor 2: WooCommerce template adapted to SEO

Optimized SEO Woocommerce Templates

Individual product URLs, categories and even the homepage of an online store also rank in search engines. And to achieve this, in addition to Off-site work, it is necessary that the template be optimized for SEO on Page.

On the one hand, it must have a correct structure to enable sections and, above all, must be implemented perfectly with the plugin of SEO optimization that you use in WordPress. This will allow you to optimize the SEO on Page of each URL or category, as you would with a post, label or WordPress page.

Factor 3: That weighs little and loads fast

Quick loading Woocommerce templates

This aspect is important for two reasons:

  1. Google improves the positioning of websites that load fast. This implies that the template has to be as light as possible. To check it, you can use some online tool like Pingdom to see the loading time. Overcoming the two seconds is too long.
  2. The user himself appreciates that speed when loading to be able to buy products quickly and not have the feeling that the web has been hanging, especially when you are making the payment.

Factor 4: That allows you to modify the default design

A template with a single design (central body + sidebar) may not be enough to configure the design of a WooCommerce template, especially for the variety of products. What do I mean by the fact that the workforce is flexible in this regard? The Porto Theme is an example:

Flexible templates for WooCommerce

As you can see, this theme allows customize the layout of the page. It offers you from layouts without sidebar to more complex ones with footnotes and headers, body and sidebar.

This aspect is very important because, depending on the type of product to sell, you may be interested in one layout or another. In addition, you must also set if the template allows change the design in URLs, categories or individual labels.

Factor 5: Include a good AJAX search engine to improve the user experience

Browse an online store from a smartphone -especially if you have thousands of products- can be tedious or complex. For this reason, it is imperative that the template to choose have a search box responsive and designed in AJAX.

What does this mean? When the user does a search, the page does not load again. Generally, when the search engine is not designed in AJAX, after pressing the "Search" button, the browser is asked to refresh the page. This causes the user to be again at the top of it. An example of an AJAX search engine that also updates the available products to the second one, is the following:

Search engine Ajax Woocommerce template

Blogs, forums, newspapers … many are the ways to launch an online business and each of them requires a specific platform. Thus, It is very important that you spend the time necessary to choose the best template. Committing an error in this sense may cause you to make a subsequent change forces you to change the sizes of the images, length of the descriptions, etc.

And you know, above, in the link that I have left you, you can know the 10 best current templates, with Demo versions to start assembling your online store with WordPress and WooComerce.

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