5 things every basketball player should know


Becoming an elite basketball player requires more than innate ability. The most important athletes on the planet have achieved success thanks to perseverance, discipline and hard workouts. The 24 Segons basketball or eshop store accompanies you on this tour, with products that will help you become a prominent player.

In this sport there are 5 fundamental things that every player should know and master when he thinks about growing professionally.

Get some good shoes

Basketball shoes help the foot to function properly and, therefore, improve player movements by maintaining stability and supporting during the game. That is the reason why it is imperative that players take over a good pair of slippers and that they learn to choose them according to their needs, style of play and position within the team.

Although the shoes will not be responsible for your throws, a good shoe if it becomes a fundamental piece for the development of many skills that are necessary within the track; and you must choose those that are best suited to your demands.

Tips for basketball players

Practice your movements or tricks a lot

There are a number of basic movements in basketball and it is the responsibility of each player to constantly practice each of them, seeking to master the technique, perfect it and adapt it to their own style of play.

Practice tricks like the crossover It is important, since the player must develop an arsenal of movements that allow him to develop properly during each encounter.

Gain strength by training in a gym or doing Crossfit

The strength workouts They are fundamental in all basketball categories and becomes more important depending on the position of the player within the team. Strength is a quality that can be developed and enhanced through specific routines in the gym and allows players to benefit from better jumps, greater speed and stability, all necessary elements in those team members who play very close to the hoop.

With the Crossfit, one of the most complete strength training possible is achieved, without resorting to conventional gym weights and machines.

Improve your vertical jump, it can be decisive in a match

The vertical jump It is known as one of the most important performance indicators of this sports discipline, since it has a strong correlation with the power that the player has developed in his lower limbs.

Improving your vertical jump is one of the fundamental objectives in this game and can improve the level of performance during game development.

5 fundamental things of basket

Increase your muscle mass

In addition to height and agility, the muscle mass It represents one of the basic needs in basketball players. A sufficiently developed musculature implies the improvement of certain skills such as jumps, acceleration and power in throws, issues that allow the player to execute an explosive encounter on each occasion.

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