5 reasons to practice Pilates with machines


One of the alternatives that those who practice Pilates have is soil or machine. The two methods will provide similar benefits and help strengthen the muscles, improving postures, correcting back pain or reshaping the figure.

The choice between one type or another will depend on the physical state and the objectives you set. If you find yourself in the case that you have never practiced Pilates before, experts advise that it is better to start with the machines to get to know the method.

If we go to the root of Pilates, the truth is that it was designed to be practiced in this way and collaborate in the rehabilitation of injuries, and then alternate the two types of training.

If you suffer a type of pathological injury or need rehabilitation: in this case the machines allow us to do a less demanding exercise and that will adapt to each of the needs.

For example, if you cannot move one leg, it does not mean that you will not be able to do other exercises. What must be clear is that you can have other options always respecting the autonomy that people can have.

If you want to train hard: here Pilates machines are a challenge with their impossible loads and angles. All this offers us a catalog of new exercises that we could not do otherwise. In these cases we can do tests with, for example, Reformer, which is a Pilates machine. With it you get to perform more than 80 exercises where you can work areas of the body such as hips, legs, abdomen, chest and increase the flexibility of the back. It is used by many dancers to improve fitness when they have been training for many hours.

Stimulation of body and mind: a most inspiring way to exercise, being a real challenge for the body and that new sensations are awakened in us. Yoga and other techniques usually pay a lot of attention to breathing. Let us not forget that they also attend importantly to breathing. Pillars also works concentration, which will help reduce stress.

One of the best solutions for back pain: Pilates machines help to adopt a better posture so that the body is adjusted so that it is not forced when adopting a better posture and thus accommodate the body so that it does not force it really when the exercises in question are done. When, for example, men are well placed it will cost less to exercise on machines such as the Barrel. With this machine the purpose is to help the stretching of the spine to be favored so that the back muscles are strengthened, something that directly affects the positions taken. This team can also be seen when performing a series of balance exercises and where it is an option to consider to start a Pilates machine program

It allows the pelvic area to work: on many occasions there is talk of how important it is to strengthen the pelvic floor musculature, which can suffer in the practice of other exercises that produce great impact, in case of running or lifting weights, or for the inexorable passage of time. To do specific exercises in this area, you will be able to use another machine such as the Chair, which was designed to work on the buttocks and pelvic area. In addition, it also allows you to exercise the dorsals, shoulders, trapeze and will improve your coordination.

As you can see, Pilates is possible to work effectively with existing machines. We are talking about a sector that has been studying and evolving for years and that is really worth taking into account because of its great effectiveness and the great benefits that they entail for our body, something that must always be taken into account and that we must accompany with a routine of exercises

We hope from here that you get down to work, because the benefits are really worth it.

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