5 reasons to buy an LED advertising screen


Advertising is image. It is light, innovation and transgression. Without those ingredients, I would not have felt. It seeks to draw attention, to convince, to create the need to follow trends.

And for that, you will also need the perfect support. Whereas before advertising was sought in magazines, newspapers and catalogs, the arrival of screens, TV, movies and, of course, mobile devices and computers, all changed.

Unstoppable advances, advertising displays have considerably changed the way, even the way it is directly designed, recorded and broadcast.

Reasons for led screens

Betting on buying led screens makes great differences in shop windows. It is not the same to draw the attention of the public that passes near the establishments. In fact, as an advertising measure, it is a claim itself.

if in addition, the brands, continue betting like until now in multimedia contents that break with traditionalisms, turn into true factories of sales.

However, the main advantages are the following:

1. LED technology: LED consumption has skyrocketed in recent years after convincing a market that sought better alternatives to the incandescent light of other lamps for things such as energy savings. The fluorescent or even the neons gave way to a much more durable and clean light that improves the images and lumens.

2. Energy savings: without a doubt, we are at a time when it is vital to bet on more sustainable measures and resources. The fact that the consumption of their lamps is considerably lower, not only saves money but also energy for the same use.

3. Durability: lamps and LED devices work up to 30 times more in time than any other. That makes them a safe bet when betting on LED screens for advertising, especially outdoors. It avoids that lights are fused and, clearly, never better said, the quality of the image does not offer possible comparison.

4. Direct ignition: when turning on a led device, it does not need to be adapted, but it does so to all the possible lighting capacity.

5. They do not contain mercury: do I need to say anything else at this point?

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