5 Musical Devices Every Queen Fan Should Have


The millions of Queen fans in the world will surely listen again and again to the songs played by Freddy, the best singer of all time. Although there are also those who prefer to interpret some of their themes, in musical devices that are not conventional, such as the guitar or bass, but easy to learn. With these instruments, plus good music helmets, the best Queen melody can be produced.

The theremin is an unconventional musical instrument that is not difficult to play

One of those devices is called theremin, and it has been seen in the old videos where Jimmy Page seemed to juggle. What I was actually doing is "playing" this instrument, why Led Zeppelin decided to buy a theremin and learn to use it.

For those who do not know the Theremin, it is an electronic device inside a small box, which has two antennas, one straight and the other with a shape similar to a metal ring or loop. The straight antenna, controls the tones and the hoop or loop antenna, controls the volume.

Features that include the best Theremin models

There are online comparative pages that comment on the characteristics of the best Theremin models. The five best, so that a Queen fan can choose and buy one, are the following:

  1. Moog Theremini: which has tone correction, and the scales can be selected with a base note. With built-in tuner and speaker and headphone output.
  2. Moog Etherwave Standard: It has a range of five octaves, adapter for support of a microphone, a line output of 6.3 mm for an audio interface or an amplifier.
  3. Moog Etherwave Plus: with a 6.3 mm stereo output to practice Queen's songs at night, with some musical helmets on. It also has all the virtues of the Standard, with the improvement of having separate tone and volume outputs, which makes it possible to connect these outputs to an analog synthesizer.
  4. Moog ThereMINI: many opinions put it as the best, since it incorporates the digital to the sound, since the previous ones were analog. To do this, it adds a sound engine that contains many new features, such as a built-in tuner, connection for musical headphones, two output lines in the back, stereo ping pong delay and auto tune for theremin.
  5. Zep theremin: It is one of the cheapest. It has a single antenna, which is the one of the tone, habitual in the models of lower price. But you can add a pedal to the volume and create music creatively.

Music helmets allow you to use the Theremin or listen to music without disturbing anyone

To use a Theremin without disturbing anyone, a good idea is combine it with music helmets.

The helmets allow you to listen to music when you walk, travel on transport, such as relaxation at home, or making music with Theremin. This type of headphones over the ear, have, in comparison to the common ones, a very excellent sound quality, which is what most people want above comfort and portability.

Whatever the preference for portability or not, music helmets have unbeatable advantages when it comes to listening to music. They offer a sharper and deeper sound, where all instruments and stereo sound are clearly distinguished. They have excellent insulation from outside noise.

Among the best sellers, there are those that have the best opinion in the comparatives, and these are:

  • Sony MDR-ZX110
  • Sony MDR-ZX 310-L
  • Elbe AU-545-PK

The gramophone is a different option to listen to Queen's music

The gramophone is preferred by Queen lovers who are also fans of the old. Transport to another era, and buy to listen to the vinyl and give a vintage touch to the decoration.

Reality indicates that current gramophones are complete sound centers that include all the options to listen to music in the way you prefer. It offers good sound quality and is manufactured with noble materials to simulate being from another era.

They include different functions depending on the model such as radio, several USB and direct recording of vinyl to USB.

The launchpad allows anyone to produce music

For those who like music and want to play production professionals, launchpads are incredible tools, and at an affordable price. Queen fans can create these melodies if you buy a launchpad.

With each button on the launchpad you start an audio clip, sound effects, or it can be used as a sequencer. The launchpad is a MIDI sequencer with 64 buttons, which professionals use among other things to control a workstation that uses digital audio, on computers.

There are many work stations or DAW. The most common is the Ableton Live, which when you buy a launchpad, includes the Lite version of Ableton Live. Each Launchpad model has its own characteristics, and is different from the others.

The Launchpad call only, is considered the original. The other versions differ in faster response time, brighter LEDs, do not need a driver and the possibility of connecting with an iPad from the Novation Launchpad.

The original model also offers a smaller version that is the MINI, and they differ in price and design. Other models incorporate RGB lights and the possibility of changing MIDI channels. The most complete model is the Launchpad Pro, which is a completely new range and with the best features.

Portable Karaoke provides long hours of fun alone or in groups

Karaoke is a good addition to any home where they like to listen to music and Karaoke allows you to entertain with it. Singing the songs of Queen in Karaoke is more than attractive.

Some are more prepared to be used by children than others. Each model has its own features, USB ports, disco lights, long-life batteries, good sound quality and can be connected to other Bluetooth audio devices.

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