5 good reasons to open a snail farm


5 good reasons to open a snail farmIf you are looking for business ideas to undertake and you are passionate about nature there is no doubt that open a snail farm It can be a great option for you.

And we are facing a booming sector with many possibilities for entrepreneurs which also allows to be in contact with the natural environment.

That is why on this occasion we have compiled a total of five good reasons to open a snail farm that will help you take the step and get into the car of the entrepreneurship setting up a business that can have a huge success.

5 good reasons to open a snail farm

If you dare to focus on the snail breeding For its production and subsequent commercialization you can enjoy the following advantages.

Snail consumption is increasing

It is estimated that, at present, the snail consumption Land groceries in the world already exceeds 300,000 tons per year.

A very high figure that shows that many people are interested in including this mollusk in their diet. You can learn more interesting facts about snail consumption through the investment dossier – Snail rearing company plan.

5 good reasons to open a snail farm

In 20 years the consumption of snails will be multiplied by five

Open one snail farm is synonymous with giving life to a booming business and a project entrepreneur With a great projection of the future.

And there are many experts in the sector who ensure that, in the next 20 years, the intake of snails annual will be multiplied by five, so it will reach 1,500,000 tons per year.

A very profitable business

Another of the great advantages of opening a snail farm lies in the large business profitability, since in an open hatchery you can get two or three kilos of snails per square meter, which means between 250 and 400 snails per square meter.

That is why, if you have an area of ​​5,000 square meters you can produce around 15,000 kilos of snails at a price of between five and eight euros, which will result in a turnover that will be around 90,000 euros. You can learn a little better the breeding and production of snails through the video you will find below.

Snails have a multitude of properties

What is causing an increase in snail consumption? The main reason is that we face a mollusk that offers many health benefits.

And is that the snail is low in fat, contains very few calories (about 70 per hundred grams) and is rich in proteins and minerals such as potassium, iron and calcium.

In restaurants and in cosmetic stores

The benefits of snails and the boom in their consumption will make it possible, if you dare to open a snail farm, you can market them in restaurants and also in laboratories focused on the elaboration of beauty products with snail slime, ideal to remove stains, soften the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Snail farms spread across the United States

The heliciculture It has developed over hundreds of years in Europe. And now on the other side of the Atlantic we find the rise of it and the development of snail farms.

Those who wish to have greater opportunities when opening their snail farm in our country can now increase their market with a new territory that is discovering the benefits of snails: U.S.

Remember that in Spain you can also mount your own snail farm. Order the dossier here to know everything you need.

According to Snail Breeding Association, there is a real boom of new entrepreneurs in setting up their own farms.

5 good reasons to open a snail farm

We are still in an incipient phase but the awakening of this new production will encourage expansion in other areas such as gastronomy and reproduction (sale of eggs) mainly.

In the United States it is very regulated by the Department of Agriculture of each State, as is the importation. Any action in that country must follow the guidelines explained on the website of the Ministry.

The investments for the creation of a small farm in the United States are around 30,000 dollars, without the cost of the plots or land.

American companies like Potironne, igourmet.com and Enfant Riant California Escargot import European snails and here is the opportunity for entrepreneurs from Spain.

Keep in mind that only the latter distributes its snails to more than 500 restaurants and gourmet California stores.

Also in New York Consumption is spreading among families and there are already companies such as Peconic Escargot that offer Internet sales and home delivery and advertise it as authentic snail caviar. Go for the American market!

If you are going to encourage yourself to open a snail farm you can not miss it either this post about the profitability of the snail breeding project.

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