4 lighting brands you have to know


Lighting plays a very important role in interior design, therefore, the correct selection of luminaires must be taken into account at all stages of the process. Both natural and artificial light have the ability to enhance and make certain spaces stand out, creating environments that generate different sensations.

It is essential that time be devoted to choosing the right lighting fixtures, analyzing the opportunities offered by each space and the characteristics of the items that each brand has to offer.

Today we will show you 4 lighting brands you have to know, for its variety of products available and the multiple applications thereof in interior decoration.

Aromas del Campo

The manufacturer Aromas del Campo is responsible for producing ceiling lamps, pendants, wall sconces, floor and table lamps since 1986. It is located in the city of Valencia and today has become an avant-garde supplier with a product line that bears its hallmark in every detail.

Aromas del Campo lamps

They use high quality materials such as wood, metals and glass, to create the right combination of a vintage look, with modern touches that can combine perfectly with any room.


The Estiluz brand is one of the leaders in the lighting market since its foundation in 1969. They offer a contemporary product line, which incorporates high-invoice materials and a lot of creativity to generate unique pieces in quality and style.

Recently, they have experimented with new forms and modern materials, always faithful to the values ​​that characterize it, such as robustness and durability. A particularity of the company is to try to make each product a kind of jewel-object that fulfills its basic function without neglecting the decorative aspect.


Since 1962, Ineslam brand lighting products are available, whose main feature is innovation, incorporating cutting-edge technology and design, along with the use of different artisanal techniques that highlight the creativity of its team of designers, sculptors and architects.

Thanks to this mixture, its lighting products manage to stand out in the market, being the favorite of many interior decorators to develop projects in prestigious restaurants.


This is a company in Barcelona that has been in charge of designing lighting solutions since 1948. The Carpyen brand is dedicated to creating and manufacturing a wide range of lighting products for over 60 years, being pioneers in the field and a reference mandatory in the interior design industry in Spain.

carpyen applique

Innovation is one of its fundamental pillars and with this they intend to convey the cosmopolitan character of the city of Barcelona, ​​which is the city where they grew and developed. They are inspired by the city, its turquoise blue horizon and its vibrant and vibrant architecture to develop cutting-edge products that adapt to any decorative project.

Where to find these brands

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