3 Titles you wanted to play as a child and you CANNOT


I remember the times when I was looking for videogame tutorials on sites like the Comohow website. In fact, several times I looked for how to download pokemon emerald or the legend of zelda using netscape (at that time there was no google search as we know it today), to end up downloading about 7 viruses and visiting a few prohibited pages.

But it was good times after all. Now I just go through the box and download the most recent Pokémon (forgetting to buy lunch for a month) and so with any game I like.

There was a dark, difficult, unfortunate time … In which he wanted but could not even smell a command. That is why today I want to share some of the titles I wanted to play and I could not enjoy until years later. Surely, if you're from the 90’s, you'll feel identified with me when you review them. Are you interested? Well let's go to the mess.

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

My first contact with this game was through the television program conducted by Gus Rodríguez called "Nintendomania", a magical television program where they showed certain games and one of the most popular of that time was precisely the Ocarina Of Time.

I was hallucinating looking at the tricks that were displayed on the screen. Seeing the link play the ocarina and fight against monsters was wonderful, but even more wonderful was when I finally got to play that wonderful title.

I didn't have a Nintendo 64 so I emulated it some time later, giving me the luxury of playing the uncensored version of the game where the mirror shield still had the moon and the star. Obviously having had the console available in my region, I would have played the original title.

Unfortunately, Costa Rica was not well known at the time and when there was availability of something good, prices flew through the skies. So I had no choice but to get the game differently.

Emerald Pokémon


As I mentioned at the beginning, Pokémon Emerald is one of the games that I was trying so hard to get in those known "Internet Cafe", businesses in which for a certain amount you were entitled to surf the web.

Interestingly, this was not the first Pokémon I played. I started in the world of pocket monsters with the Red / Fire and loved that title because it all looked a lot like the first animated series. At that time my partner was Charmander.

Later in Esmeralda, I got accompanied by Torchic and took care of him until I saw him become a powerful Blaziken. Good times! By work and grace of destiny Nintendo would take years later a remake for Nintendo 3DS and guess what I bought it with my eyes closed!

Pokémon Snap


Yes I know. I am very fan of Pokémon and all its lore. Snap had a different concept and I was dumbfounded seeing in Nintendomania, how they took pictures of some pokemones that at that time looked pretty good for the time.

Already with the time and the possibility of playing it, it was not as fun as I thought although this would be an excellent candidate for a remake. Who knows if the public would now embrace the concept of photographing these bugs.

With the success of Pokémon Go, which attracted people who had not seen, played or heard of this franchise before, he converted and began to live his Pokémon adventure.

Which ones do you remember?

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