3 movies eighties to enjoy this summer


the flight of the navigator
When summer comes, you do not always want to go to the beach or the pool, a home plan is a good idea. Staying with friends, preparing some hookahs and watching some movies is a good option. The eighties never left and today many people miss the movies of those years. What do you think of a plan like these? We are going to advise you several movies so you can enjoy them this summer.

Dark glass

In this film we know the story of a magic crystal, which was damaged years ago. This caused the evil to spread throughout the world. Because of that power, the evil Skeksis seek to dominate the world if no one repairs the crystal.

There was an ancient prophecy, announcing that a Gelfing could do it, but the Skeksis believe they have done away with everyone. But one of them named Jen, manages to survive in a hidden valley. The time of prophecy is approaching due to a star conjunction and you will have to face your destiny.

The creator of this magical world was the fantastic Jim Henson and helper another heavyweight Frank Oz. If you want a movie that splurges originality and creativity. In those years, there were no special effects that we know today, which makes the film highly recommended.

What do you think about this proposal? Maybe they will join more friends and have to look for cheap hookahs and something to drink so that everyone can enjoy. Enjoy another movie like The Secret of the Pyramid, a classic of the eighties youth cinema.

The secret of the pyramid

Can you imagine if Sherlock Holmes and James Watson had met in their college days? In this film it happens and both will be involved in the investigation of different crimes. Little by little, with the sagacity of one and the patience and eloquence of the other, they will set the guidelines that will make them famous.

In this film we will discover why Holmes has his character so cold when he grows up. It was not a great success, but for many it is a cult movie of the eighties. Surely more than one brings you good memories.

The flight of the navigator

We finish with a science fiction movie where we meet David, a 12 year old boy. In the middle of a forest he suffers a fall in which he hits his head and loses consciousness. When he comes to himself, eight years have passed, but he has not aged. The culprits of this have been extraterrestrials. What could have happened?

Without a doubt, it is a great plan to watch eighties movies with friends. Surely, like you, enjoy the beautiful with such good memories.

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