3 Lost Jewels of the Neo Geo: What the new generations did NOT enjoy


3 fighting games of the Neo Geo: that the new generations MUST know

Even me, I had to use My emulator to be able to enjoy certain pearls that shone in an era where my family could barely eat and where I could speak with costs.

The Neo Geo appeared in the year 1990, the same year this server was born. It was a 16-bit system based on cartridges for arcades that were very popular at the time before the rise of video consoles.

The truth is that in my country I did not live the time of arcades as in other places but over time I heard of authentic games that I could not enjoy and that now, thanks to digital preservation and availability on consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, they are available To live them to the fullest.

Here I bring you a list of 5 Neo Geo games that you deserve to know:

Fatal Fury

In 1991 appeared what would be the first fighting game developed by SNK for the Neo Geo: Fatal Fury. Following the after-fight formula where a fighter faces the opponent and must be victorious either by winning the first two rounds or defining the victory in the third.

The game has a good variety of characters, however only the following were controllable: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi. It is a game that is very worthwhile and if you did not know this is the father of the King Of Fighter who would come to prevail in his genre some time later.

Samurai Showdown

SNK would look at the mythical samurai, giving us a fighting game based on these legendary swordsmen. In Japan, its official name is "Samurai Spirits". This game portrays Japanese culture very well and as a curiosity, even in its international versions both presenters and fighters only speak in Japanese.

Much of his music includes traditional instruments from Japan. However, the appeal of this game is in the fight with swords and the frenetism that each confrontation has. If you are a lover of the present fights games to one of the predecessors and inspirers of video games like Soul Edge.

Rey de peleas

Following SNK and its wonderful fighting titles, King of Fighters is surely the most representative of all. Its first release was in 1994 and from then on the world would know a new installment. Something like what happens with FIFA, but better.

Each game followed a thread of history that was more than an excuse to spread beatings to rivals. All their fighters have a unique charisma and I doubt that there is a fighting game lover who has not enjoyed or who does not enjoy a title like this.

If your time did not allow you to enjoy, King Of Fighters is the one to start testing the greatness of SNK.

The fighting games and their reign

It is no secret to anyone that fighting games do not have the same heyday as before, however they remain great elements in the competitive field thanks to the online possibilities that exist today. In addition to the events that take place around the world, local championships and others. All this is just a sample that the seeds sown at the time of the Neo Geo continue to bear abundant fruits.

Total, it is always worth taking a look at the story and see how we got to where we are. I hope you liked this post and if you have any experience with the Neo Geo games that you want to share, do not hesitate to do so in the comment box. See you soon!

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