27 people were captured in Manizales and Villamaría during the weekend


By BC News

The Manizales Metropolitan Police reported that during the weekend 27 people were captured including 05 by court order and 22 in flagrancy.

The Metropolitan Police executed plans during the weekend in Manizales and Villamaría, in different procedures against drug trafficking the patrols of the National Community Surveillance Model by Quadrants and different specialties seized 848 grams of narcotic drugs among: marijuana, bazuco, coca base and cocaine in different sectors of the city.

The uniformed men made a total of 112 appeals in the application of law 1801 for behaviors contrary to coexistence, highlighting the consumption of narcotic substances and intoxicating beverages, article 140. The automatic dispatch center received 3,551 calls and attended 954 police cases.

On the other hand, the Transit and Transportation Section reported 68 appeals and 07 vehicles immobilized for violation of the National Traffic Code.

Captures court order 05
Flagrance catches 22
Seized marijuana 650 gr
Bazuco seized 21 gr
Coca base 17 gr
cocaine 07gr
Miscellaneous seizures $ 9,000,000 pesos
Various recoveries $ 800,000 pesos
Comparisons (transit) 68
Immobilized vehicles 07
Behaviors contrary to coexistence (CNPC) 112
People transferred to the Protection Center (CTP). 135

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