140 initiatives were nominated for the Manizales Civic Award


On July 15, the inscriptions for the #ConLosODS Civic Prize, which Manizales How Vamos does every two years, closed in order to reward social innovation. 140 initiatives were registered in the 13 challenges proposed for the #ConLosODS Challenges.

This year the initiative seeks to engage all citizens with a development agenda for the city, as Colombia and many countries around the world committed to achieving global sustainable development goals by 2030.

“For this year we find organizations that on the one hand have more mature and consolidated processes, but it is very important to see how the spectrum opened and we are calling for other organizations such as research groups and seedbeds of universities, which link their academic bets for a greater impact and projection in the territory, ”said Natalia Escobar Santander, Manizales Director How We Go.

#ConLosODS Challenges Civic Award Statistics for each challenge:

Challenge # 1: equality

Eradicate extreme poverty and reduce inequality.

Total initiatives presented: 32

Challenge # 2: security

Make protection of life protection a priority. Reduce homicides.

Total initiatives presented: 15

Challenge # 3: education

Play it for a quality integral education from early childhood.

Total initiatives presented: 59

Challenge # 4: environment

Work to adapt to climate change and to be a resilient city.

Total initiatives presented: 50

Challenge # 5: formal employment

Increase formal occupation in Manizales.

Total initiatives presented: 16

Challenge # 6: less suicides

Prevent, be attentive and help to reduce suicides.

Total initiatives presented: 15

Challenge # 7: promotion and prevention

Strengthen primary health care with a preventive approach.

Total initiatives presented: 31

Challenge # 8: integrated transport

Ride in a Multimodal Public Transportation Strategic System.

Total initiatives presented: 1

Challenge # 9: clean air

Get closer to international air quality recommendations.

Total initiatives presented: 12

Challenge # 10: university campus

Graduate as the university capital of Colombia.

Total initiatives presented: 11

Challenge # 11: road safety

Not one dead plus traffic incidents. Nothing is accidental.

Total initiatives presented: 3

Challenge # 12: competitiveness

Maintain the region as a leader in competitiveness and innovation.

Total initiatives presented: 22

Challenge # 13: citizen participation

Encourage citizen involvement in publics.

Total initiatives presented: 56


– The challenge to which more initiatives were nominated was education, with 59 registered.

– 87% of the initiatives work in the urban area and 13% in the rural area.

– In the urban area, the communes with the highest participation are Ciudadela del Norte and Palogrande with 33%.

– In the rural area, the corregimiento with greater participation is the Agrotourist Corridor with 16%.

– 26 of the postulated initiatives work in the municipality of Villamaría.

Connection Accelerator Workshop

In August, the 140 registered initiatives will participate in the connection accelerator workshop. Subsequently, through a technical pre-selection committee formed by the partners that are part of the award, the 15 semi-finalist initiatives will be chosen that will enter the training process with the citizen innovation laboratories.

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