130 fights were recorded in Manizales over the weekend


The National Police in Manizales, managed to capture 31 people of which 5 were by court order and 26 in flagrancy. Thanks to the articulated work of the National Model of Community Surveillance by Quadrants -MNVCC, 180 people were transferred to the Center for Transfer for Protection -CTP for encouraging fights, being wandering on public roads in a state of drunkenness and being in high degree of exaltation; a total of 1226 calls were also received on emergency lines 112 and 123.

The Police attended 130 quarrels, the greatest institutional capacity for the prevention of crimes that affect the integrity of the citizens, focused especially on the events of agglomeration of the weekend, event like football match Once Caldas vs Deportivo Pasto and cycling competition Legend of El Dorado

01 firearm was seized thus avoiding the commission of crimes affecting physical integrity. During the weekend, in different procedures against drug trafficking, patrols of the National Community Surveillance Model by Quadrants and specialties seized 388 doses of narcotic drugs among: marijuana, bazuco, coca base, cocaine synthetic drug in different sectors of the city.

The quadrants made 100 appeals in the application of law 1801 for behaviors contrary to coexistence, highlighting the consumption of intoxicating drinks and quarrels.

On the other hand, the Transit and Transportation Section reports 40 appeals and 08 vehicles immobilized for violation of the National Traffic Code.


Catch court order: 5

Flagrance catches: 26

Seized marijuana: 100 gr

Bazuco seized: 139 gr

Coca base: 139 gr

Cocaine: 10 gr

Miscellaneous seizures: 47,384,000 pesos

Various recoveries: 1,270,000 pesos

Comparisons (transit): 40

Immobilized vehicles: 8

Behaviors against coexistence (CNPC): 100

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