12 rustic bathrooms that will inspire your next renovation


We all know that what sells a house is not only the kitchen but also the bathroom. But even, if you don't have the intention of putting the house on the market, you should give at least the bathroom the respect it deserves. (In fact, did you know that World Toilet Day is November 19? I just found out.) Consider adding a bit of country style to your bathroom. Rustic reclaimed wood, natural stone, vintage patterns and lightly patinated pieces are essential. Keep reading to know some Rustic bathroom ideas that will inspire your next renovation.

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Rustic mirror

Nothing looks prettier in a rustic bathroom than a reclaimed wooden mirror like this in a polygonal shape that contrasts not only with the straight lines of the sink but also with its color.

Vintage paper

Find a beautiful vintage paper for your bathroom and add some landscape paintings to transform it into a charming country-style or rustic bathroom.

Storage solutions

If you want add a rural touch to a space, add some galvanized objects. It is a practical and beautiful way to incorporate storage solutions.

Exhibition of collections

Don't leave the bathroom aside when it comes to displaying your beloved collections. Install a shelf and put there some bath products, works of art, elegant tea cups, and so on.

Rustic tools in the bathroom

What would a great one vintage staircase? Just lean it against the wall and hang some towels and towels on the steps.

Old hangers

Old clothes hangers that are unused can be super useful for decorate the bathroom. Place them above the towel hooks and show off some other collectibles if you wish.

Accents inspired by nature

If your bathroom is boring, take a mirror and decorate it around. This will add a rustic note to a modern bathroom.

Bring nature inside

It is very easy to bring nature into the bathroom. Decorate the wooden walls with a pine branch or add a plant in a corner or on any shelf. You can too decorate your rustic bathroom with trunks, dried flowers, fresh flowers, fantasy flowers, and so on.

Gray everywhere

For a cohesive look, choose a soft tone and use it on both walls and cabinets. The wooden furniture adds even more rural charm to this neutral bathroom.

Reused items

Elements such as a watering hole and a galvanized metal tub complement the ingenuity of this beautiful barn.

Old accessories

The couple that lives in this 17th-century country house loves vintage mirrors, and what better place to exhibit them than in a bathroom?

Natural materials

The soapstone countertop, wood paneled walls and antique furniture work together, which gives the bathroom of this house a rustic look and feel.

What do you think about these rustic bathroom ideas? Which ones have you been inspired by?

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