12 inspiring ideas to decorate the living room


Whether you need to make a complete or quick update, season the family's favorite room with these 12 inspiring ideas to decorate the living room. I assure you that there is nothing that some simple cushions cannot fix.

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Fill any corner or corner with a large and old interior floor and it will instantly become the focal point of the room.

Update the old brick fireplace with a layer of cream paint as it is in this bright living room.

Mix metallic accents with traditional wood pieces to add depth to the decoration of your living room.

It's not so much about where you place the furniture, but rather about the types of pieces you choose. In each room try to include at least one round piece like a coffee table so that people can walk without hitting their knees. You can also add some armchairs and a versatile piece such as a garden stool that can be used for sitting or as a table to support things.

Make the living room feel bigger with sofas of different sizes and colors, a coffee table and a carpet that contains all the objects inside.

The low pieces like this capitoné sofa, maintain an open and cozy floor plan.

Give vacations to beige. More dramatic tones such as this deep blue can provide a surprisingly neutral background to your living room.

Yes, white furniture can work in a house with children. Simply choose durable fabrics (such as this leather sofa) and surfaces that are easily cleaned.

Give color to the frames of the old chairs or update the curtains and cushions by sewing them some elegant ornaments along the edge.

This cheerful living room is as pretty as practical. The sofa is upholstered with a waterproof fabric.

Inject personality into your space with energetic matrices and extravagant second-hand finds such as this colorful coral sofa and gold pieces.

Bricks in sight and a coffee table work together to create a country atmosphere In this rustic room.

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