11 Tips for Having Natural HAIR SMOOTH ❤ Recipes for beauty


What to do to have straight hair. The natural treatment for hair It is the best ally to keep it healthy, cute and smooth.

There are natural products for the hair that feed our hair, besides that they are very cheap comparing them with the existing products in the market.

Let's see what resources we have at home so that our hairstyles look beautiful and thus we smooth our hair naturally.
Natural treatments to have straight hair

11 Homemade recipes for straight hair

An impeccably smooth and smoothed hair gives security, elegance, power.

That is why we must dedicate the time and resources necessary to look our best.

These home treatments hydrate, nourish and provide vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, they give life to the whole body.

Now let's see how to have straight hair forever treating it with homemade products to enhance and smooth the beauty of our hair.

How to Have a Smooth Hair with Home Recipes

Natural treatments to have straight hair

ONE. The olive oil

A bath of olive oil on the scalp, before washing the hair, is left for about thirty minutes, and then washed as usual, this leaves the hair silky, shiny and smooth. Also after washing the hair you can place a small amount on the hair.

TWO. Almonds oil

After washing it, we apply a few drops of almond oil, this serves to nourish it and to look bright and docile.

THREE. Castor oil

Add vitamins, minerals and oils. Strengthens and heals hair If it is used warm, it has more benefits, be careful, because it heats up quickly and you can burn yourself. Like other resources, you leave it for thirty minutes. This is an answer for those who ask how to have a straight hair.

FOUR. Coconut milk

You get it from liquefying the coconut and brewing it, you also sell it in the supermarkets and specialized stores, I prefer it and I recommend it naturally.

  • It can be applied for half an hour and then the hair is rinsed, although it is preferable to use it as a conditioner.
  • The hairstyle will look very healthy and cute. Brightens, provides vitamins and invigorates. It is an idea for those who ask how to have straight hair.

FIVE. Drink plenty of fluids, water, fruits and vegetables

This hydrates the whole body, because our health is the beauty of the hair.

SIX. The wonderful avocado or avocado

It is a blessing for the hairstyle. Contains excellent fats to moisturize and enhance the beauty of the hairstyle. It is used as a cream bath, you make a paste with the ripened avocado and apply it on the ends. We can leave it for a half hour and then wash.

SEVEN. Aloe gel. Strengthen our hair, clean and nourish

Apply and leave for thirty minutes, then rinse. The hairstyle will be beautiful.

EIGHT. Cayenne gel and shampoo

The recipe is at: https://milagil.com/champu-de-cayena/

NINE. I beaten egg

To take advantage of the egg's properties and proteins. Before washing, we take a whole egg, we beat it very well and we apply it on the hair, we leave for about thirty or forty-five minutes. Then we wash our hair.

TEN. The unflavored gelatin

It can be used as a conditioner or we can add it to the shampoo.

Natural treatments to have straight hair

ELEVEN. If I have short hair

  • Short hair is very practical, it is fashionable, just take care more, especially if you have curls, because the hair is rolled more.
  • It is time to start monitoring your care for a life more full of vigor, presentation and care to have smooth hair.

Among the hair care, we find the how to put the hair straight, one of the customs is to turn around or make a toga, they also say rollete.
How to have straight hair without ironing the togaWe have hats, tweezers and other accessories on the market, and it is not necessary to buy them, we simply rotate the hair well stretched around the scalp and that's it.

When the hair is loose we will look spectacular, it is an answer for those who ask about home remedies to straighten hair, here actually no product is used.

What to do to have straight hair without ironing

If the scalp is dry, put on masks and oil baths periodically. Massage the tips with moisturizers and conditioners.

This is one of the natural treatments for the hair used a lot, we only have to moisten and brush, the hair is separated into two parts, at the top, the hair is turned, pulling out well and placing tweezers, at the end a cap or a nylon stocking is placed.

When the hair is dry, the hat is removed, the hooks and perfect, it is fabulous.

And if the hair is curly

Natural treatments to have straight hair

This depends on the look we want.

  • Sometimes we wish keep curls and sometimes we want to show off the hairstyle with smooth and soft hair. If we opt for curling, we have to forget the heat, because what they do is damage.
  • If we want to show off the look with smooth hair, there are homemade products that help, if we want a perfect result, a permanent smooth, we could use keratins or gold bath that are wonderful, and if necessary, with caution, use the iron with dry hair.

How to have smoother hair – Other related indications

  • The dryer and the smoothing iron are also huge resources to smooth with the heat.
  • There are other recommendations that it would be good to take into account, of how to have straight hair so that you can be interested, see in: Care of the hair.

Natural treatments to have straight hair

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We would like to know how you do to keep your hair presentable and well groomed.

Surely if we continue these homemade ideas for straight hair, we will have a healthy hair. Thanks for the comments, please share on social networks.

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